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Veteran Carjacks Vehicle And Fires At Police In Unfortunate Incident

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Rob Herder says:

My opinion is that -if you really want HELP, either medically or psychological, the LAST place you want to go is the F'ing VA! Trust me I know first-hand! They are responsible for most of the problems I suffer with… WTFU

Wes Mcgee says:

Society is more focused on pronouns than mental health, especially for our vets.

Canada&Free says:

German police have machine guns mounded to their doors.

joe stewart says:

can we talk about how the one cop JUST about shot his partner?

The Watcher says:

This is old footage

CallMeAdmiral says:

Holy crossfire, Batman

Zenon Ayala says:

He (the vet) was victim twice. The military didn't treat him while he was on active duty , and when they didn't take care of him, they turned him over to the most inept organization in the USA, the veterans administration.

Tony Pitsacota says:

Quit calling all service vets "war heroes". 99.9% are not. Just a job. 50% are below average. A "hero" is someone who excels, sacrifaces and copes well.

rideHI 808 says:

what tragic ending for this war Veteran. I hope all our Veterans get the help they deserve and need. As for the reload snafu, the first LEO, I suspect that he didn't have a high grip on his pistol causing the bottom side of his hand to prevent a clean mag ejection, therefore he had to use his support hand to release the emtpy mag….

anant Sharma says:

When did John become a co-host?

G B says:

0:15 John called himself the co-host 😂

The Ironman-Neil says:

Not very good shooting.

Hardy4 says:

Rest in peace 🙏🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Mike S says:

So glad that Mike mentioned the importance of having a rifle in the fight like this.

Melvin Fernandez says:

Salute to our fallen. I can relate with many of you. Surviving 300+ IEDs, drawing enemy contact and small arms engagements almost daily. mTBI and PTSD. "SLTW" Our Brother here just couldn't shake those demon's. May he rest in peace.

JohnnyBlaze5680 says:

That first officer backed up like 3 cars lengths while mag dumping leaving himself out in the open instead of using his car as cover. Hope he works on that

Berry Lee says:

God that breaks my heart.. what the heck is all these tours? My Marine brother did 8 in middle east, 4 in Afghanistan. Help is there. Third generation Marine I'll go help anytime. Beat stage 4 TONSIL CANCER I owe and I'll pay my brother back. SEMPER FI. NEAL

John Hewett says:

I don't think either officer should be commended for their actions. One nearly murdered his partner and firing so many un aimed shots was pathetic.
My sympathies for the family of the veteran.

David Ortiz says:

01:28, holy shit Batman! Did you all see that?

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