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Utah Officer Operates With Precision | Active Self Protection

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Kevin Jung says:

These body cams certainly show how tough a job being a peace officer really is. Man, his marksmanship was fantastic! This is a guy who knows the value of life and did everything he could to preserve life. Regardless of the situation, he put life first and I applaud him for that. God bless these heros that jump into battle at a moment's notice. Thanks John for the video!

Aron says:

fuck yeah, fuck these terrorists

People are dumb says:

Yeah no
If he couldn’t go hands on and disarm he needs to go

John Mintalar says:

Should have just dropped the screwdriver; she plead guilty anyway.

Mustaq Ahmed says:

Her legs couldn't hold her big fat mouth, excellent job by the highly trained fine officer.

Robert Hawkins says:

We need to come up with something way better then those shity as tasers. I really felt that he wasn't going to talk or calm the situation down he was just going to shoot her and I believe if you're going to be a cop these days you got to have some verbal skills. But with that being said he did shoot her in the legs versus ending her life. What it really comes down to we got to give these officers better less-lethal options that work every time

CaMoTiMe says:

How many shots does it take to blow someone's knee cap off? 3? My bad.. 4

Ange1walk says:

Awww those Cows are so cute 😀

skumstwo says:

Love how they "resist" and talk shit, then they get shot and all of a sudden they are as compliant as a kitten or screaming. Not so tough now?

BV H says:

Where is the pepper spray? You only shoot if your life is in immediate danger. Shooting her in the leg… So she drops the screwdriver. Hmmm, I don’t know about the legality and liability of his action.
Good luck to the officer.

tina wallwork says:

we live in australia and we are not allowed to carry firearms and we are not allowed to use pepper spray. so how do we protect ourselves effectly???

jstpsgthru Williams says:

I think this shows a failure in society. This situation had been going on for a while; there was no need for a firearm. Time allowed for better management. The officer did a great job of not killing the offender; he should be praised. But, other resources must be made available. Like you say, most would not be capable of that shot. A bean bag gun would have been a really good option, here. How many cop cars were on location, that could have been loaded with less than lethal alternatives(at least two?) Was OC spray available? There are occasions when opportunities are limited to deadly force, but this should not have been one of them (even if it was used to only injure.)

clash man says:

I've learned from this channel that a Taser is pretty much useless in 2019, especially with all the layers people wear and the drugs that people are on. I've never seen so many taser fails in my life till watching John's video breakdowns. Hollywood does a great job at using propaganda through movies, and into brainwashing the public into thinking Tasers drop people instantly every time. Well, in the Real world folks, it doesn't work that way, and the blind sheep are confused when people try to explain that to them. We need to invent Taser bullets that get stuck to a suspect, and freezes they're muscles and entire nervous system till law enforcement apprehends the suspect at a success rate of 100% and or at least 99% of the time.👍

Eli Blakley says:

What kind of police department is issuing RATS tqs??? Those things are a joke amongst EMS

MvF JET says:

The cow at 3:12 is like "what's going on guys?" This dumb girl actually took those rounds like a champ.

Matthew says:

I was more concerned about the cows being traumatized than what happened to this low life! Any body that stupid probably needs to be culled from the herd! Cow pun intended, LOL!

jporter504 says:

Justifiable? As a retired LEO I would say maybe. My question would be if the perp posed a deadly threat then why didn't the first officer shoot her when she allegedly swung the screw driver at him. Perhaps he recognized the situation and that the perp was emotionally disturbed and was able to take steps to avoid the threat short of using deadly force. Also, if the second officer believed that his life or safety was in immediate danger, then the leg is not the target. That tells me he could have backed up or moved laterally and used the vehicle to his advantage. These are things you would do first if you could. As much as I am reluctant to say it, while the shooting may have been legally justifiable, it was not handled well.

Terry Flick says:

Taser to the forehead may have produced a different outcome.

Kenyon Shultz says:

Tourniquet? Use whatever the fuck you can get at the moment. Most anything will work that doesn't stretch and stays set. Fkn plastic bag stretched and twisted tied in a knot works.

Jaime Warlock says:

I find this kind of sad. I had a wife that suffered from serious mental issues (bipolar & borderline) that were much worse than that lady. Sometimes, she would come at me with a knife. I would just grab her knife wrist with both hands and hang on, eventually subduing or disarming her. I don't even have training and I could have easily disarmed that lady without shooting her. I am only 5'7" and 175 lbs, age 60+. At least he shot her in the leg, so I will give him credit for that.

Jason Powell says:

From orange glove to orange jumpsuit… and when the bystander effect broke the cows came over to see if they could help too.

Fight ForFreedom2019 says:

Cop handled it well although he seemed itching to fight.

Kenyon Shultz says:

Pussies will never be Hero's! WTF a tiny woman holding a screwdriver? The dude should of knocked it out of her hand while she had her back turned and talking to the officers. Wasn't a dangerous situation and the other cop hiding behind his door should of been his scene. Stop kissing their asses. I'm not anti cop but this is ridiculous, officers even said mentally ill so should of been handled as such. Should of Tasered her leg not a loose thick jacket. Shot her with a bullet in the leg though. Lmmfao talking about the time he had to shoot, he had all the time he could of ever needed. Sketchy, that's why it went to the review board which usually sides with the officers.

The First Witness says:

Good backstop? The cow who was shot and killed doesn't agree. Official police report states that the 3 officers had ribeye steak for dinner.

Rich Niede says:

Gotta be the dumbest person of all time.

Chase k says:

Wow!!! A mid video Ad… Is YouTube starting to allow more controversial videos?

JJ McGuire says:

So digicam defeats taser, good to know…

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