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Using Your Vehicle In Self Defense Is Almost Always A Great Option

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Noble Young says:


Rusty Shackleford says:

Nobody needs a gun that hold more than 10 rounds /s

3nertia says:

I wonder how much all the property damage cost and if the criminals are gonna pay for it all xD

Billy Bob says:

Glad the good guy got away and the bad guy got ran over, when will they learn

Alwyn Dellow says:

If you live in S.A …. you need to have a weapon. Same as S.A .. you need one there to. (S.Africa.).

OldSchool Jeremy says:

Since this was not an accident but deliberate action on his part I'm not sure insurance is going to pay for that damage to car and garage.

Boo-boo Lip says:

And they scatter likes roaches

Ras Alghul says:

When you become a speed bump in front of the car you intended to carjack, you need to reconsider life choices.

Moto Trooper says:

That some GTA kinda stuff right there

InsideOutside UpsideDown says:

At the end, I saw open sidewalk on the left ready for some more runeth over blessings that could have been bestowed on the markedly ignorant misguifed youth that were all just casually and legally using the sidewalk for a peaceful nights stroll….

Gerald Ander Lee says:

i would burn my house down if thats what it takes to save myself and/or others

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