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US destroys Russian tank “out of self defense”

Apparently the US has destroyed a Russian tank, Now this itself does not start wars but is a escalation in the area shortly after Isreali F-16 is shot down by Syrian forces


Walter Radtke says:

we can destroy them all if you pussy Russians want to get too salty about it

Green Mt Roamer says:

Good deal 🖒🖒 pop that tin can!!

garik64 says:

By the way, it's not T-72 pictured. It's T-64.

Richard Riddick says:

T-72? That's old as dirt. I think the main battle tank for Russian mech. infantry is the T-90. Geeze, the T-72 has been replaced and then replicated by 3rd world gvts all over the planet. Didn't Saddam have a shitload of these things? How'd that work out for him?

Candy Short says:

Hey, I clicked on u by accident, found it interesting and watched the whole thing! Thank you for this info; I had not heard about this yet!

Spector Hunter says:

If you have to ask why is the USA in Syria educate yourself on the New World Order and international diplomacy before making a comment you sound like a complete jackass



Mike Santana says:


Thatusernameisnotavailable says:

US went out of their way to kill 200 Russian mercenaries who are volunteers sent to protect areas being rebuilt and fill in military gaps in Syrias civilian troops as the original military was wiped out back in 2012 by Al Nusra and a Brittish guards bomb which was planted on a base after Assad wouldnt allow Brittain to send a pipeline through Syria into Arabia.

Alex says:

99% of the Russian Government are Jews. They control oil and all resources in Russia.
If you think of Russia think of Jews, they give orders.

Janice Hanson says:

Isn't Operation Desert Storm over??

Robin Galey says:

Important to watch this video.. This lady is in the know…–NMUYYU

Scott Laws says:

I don't believe it was one of Russia's tanks they currently use….all 3rd world countries usually have the"Russian made" t 72's… But Russia does not use an old tank like that anymore thousands have been sold throughout Europe and the middle East…I don't think it was Russians that would attack us troops. Don't believe it….

BibleStudy888YT says:

Isaiah 17:1 “Look! Damascus will cease to be a city.
Instead, it will become a pile of ruins.
Amir Tsarfati issued his reports hours before the regular media did. His YT channel is BeholdIsrael
Of course we will get to WWIII and it could be this year. It's all in the ancient prophecies. Our Hope is Jesus Christ Himself.
Titus 2 11For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people. 12It trains us to renounce ungodly living and worldly passions so that we might live sensible, honest, and godly lives in the present age 13as we wait for the blessed hope and glorious appearance of our great God and Savior, Jesus the Messiah.c 14He gave himself for us to set us free from every wrong and to cleanse us so that we could be his special people who are enthusiastic about doing good deeds.
This is Amir's second report on Damascus

Terri says:

What the h*** is the U.S. doing there????? Sending more of our young men and women to their deaths..!! Eternal wars will be the death of this once mighty nation…….. so sad….!

DesertOasis737 says:

Israel IS Gods Timetable!
We are simply seeing Gods Word being fulfilled at rapid fire now on a daily basis.

rob snow says:

War of GOG N MAGOG ON the horizon!! Be blessed ,be prepared, it's will come #GodsSpeed

rob snow says:

cut off at the End Marf…. shoulda ended @303

Jon Filippone says:

Don't listen to the shills! It's all they are. Seriously. God bless…

Joels World says:

excellent reporting, thx

dean bibby says:

The Russians give the order to shoot down the Israeli jet it was on Turkish news,so this is the start of something

R Jenkins says:

RUSSIAN OWNED TANK?? Or RUSSIAN made tank that half the world owns.

Quetzalcoatl 2.0 says:

Need to watch Blackstone Intelligence

The Mueller is in says:

….great….more FEAR porn. Everyone go down into your basements and dont come up till WW3 is over!

Good Intentions7 says:

Here is the story noted in the post below on my suspicion is that the pretext now exists for escalation. If you have not watched I Pet Goat II the timeline appears to indicate significant action occurring on the 15th or the 18th of February. Check this out – it will rock your world!!!!

Sonoma Mia says:

No one was killed? Sounds like its an attention diversion. Must be something else going on…..

Stephanie Crowell says:

The Lord put it on my heart 6 months ago to prepare for war… I didn't watch the news, I wasn't in to politics, but I felt the urge to pack my bags and run for the hills…I have not but I have come to terms with knowing war will be here soon, I don't know when or what will be the last straw but I know nothing in this world adds up any more, I know they are lying to us at every turn, I know that we are being led like sheep to the slaughter and its all on the agenda.

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