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Ukraine: Members of local self-defense units patrol the streets around Crimean Parliament

All roads leading to the Supreme Council of Crimea in Simferopol have been blocked by members of local self-defense units, Saturday. Meanwhile, members of Cr…


Juuso Peltoniemi says:

Local self-defense units = Russian soldiers. 

IWashMyOwnBrain says:

The government seems to be handling this perfectly. They moved out of the
way and let the rebels in so now the people know who they are and where
they are and can deal with them easily. Brilliant move by the government.
This will be over very quick. IMO

bobshenix says:

This is a result of the US funding (Ms. Nuland was already caught talking
about it on a recorded conversation) reckless extremists who want to
alienate the Russian population. Who can blame regions that are mostly
Russian for wanting their safety assured?? The only peaceful solution
might be a partitioning into East and West Ukraine… much like what was
done with Czechoslovakia.

The West needs to learn to stop meddling in the internal affairs of other
nations. This is getting old, the same blueprint is being used in slightly
different ways.

FW7737 says:

this is stupid russian youtube channel everythin here is bullshit
beter go watch some usful news like bbc or fox

randomusername5100 says:

so america sits back and lets a democratic elected president of Ukraine get
thrown out by some rogue bullies and now that Russia stepped up to help
clean up this mess murica is butt hurt

TheCanadiaKiwi says:

So it’s okay to intervene in the Ukraine militarily, just so Putin can have
a friend…but it’s not okay to intervene militarily in Syria to stop
genocide and bloodshed?

timurgepard says:

They are LOCAL. Because Russian Marine Base is in Sevastopol.

Orlov Oscar says:

Are those russian soldier ?

Alain Parfait says:

Wrong !
They’re not “local” as they are outlaw russian army.


Is RT stands for russian communist TV station?
hate the way putin stick his nose in to things hope his people will throw
him out also!

Ivan G says:

Russian gov is run by bandits and taking other’s stuff and lying is what
bandits do.

sahardoom says:

Russia is doing exactly what Serbia did in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. This
will end in war

chris20364 says:

0:19 “rebuild the soviet union, they said, it will be fun, they said”
but jokes aside I hope this does not get any worse as it is

Bill Echevarria says:

All is tentative, but stability in Ukraine is best for all! I am perplexed
why the US and EU would rush to support a rebel regime when the more
pragmatic option would have been to support Russia in bringing about

Andrija Pejovic says:

Now a bit of Russian diplomacy … that’s enough American and Western, we
have seen in Libya, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Kosovo … America is asking its
people to die in the East for stupidity … better that 400 billion from
2002 to the invested in the health and distributed to the poor … 

myster1234 says:

The solution here is simple. Rather than divide between Pro-Russian areas
or Pro-EU/Ukraine issues, simply reinstate the Soviet Union. This way, they
can have their regions, we are “the this” or “the that” people, but all
under one flag. Make sense? You can have West Ukraine SSR and East Ukraine
SSR. This way, there is nothing to argue about.

posro1988 says:

“Wacha thinkin ’bout?”
“I don’t know…military stuff.”

Avast says:


schwarts10101 says:

Is anyone else shocked by how antiquated their gear/weaponry is? Average
gun owners in the United States are better equipped than the Russians.

SovetUnion63 says:

I do not see Ms. Nuland giving donnuts around? Where is she?

IloveJesusYesId0 says:

Are you blatant enough with your sucking of powers cock RT.. Ur as bad as
us. If Russia nuked Ukraine you gonna give up or just be like hmmm let’s
put out a video titled “Leprechauns shoot rainbows after pot of gold stolen
by Ukraine” 

Rajbert Trassel says:

This is russian marine Soldiers !! Not some local defense unit..

Luscus says:

Members of local self-defense no russian soldier becouse no identification
– that what soldiers do when they enter illigal other countrys

Chris lel says:

These are Russian Soldiers with no insignia. Local self-defense units my
ass lol

brave heart says:


Cristina Cantamessa says:


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