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Trudeau Made Self Defense ILLEGAL In Canada

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@mistersunshinebaby says:

Most Canadians Support The Death Penalty | Poll Shows

@brianskjaveland-ps1qm says:

there are items can carry such a as aerosol cans such as perfumes and a lighter !!!!!or walk softly and carry a big stick

@smorgie7720 says:

DON'T TALK TO THE POLICE, is the best policy if you are found to have a knife or other object of objection.

@abouttime5000 says:

If someone enters your house with a weapon where you and your children are sleeping you cannot shoot and ask questions later. You have to know exactly what his intentions are before you take a defensive stance, call the police before engaging him and try to leave the house before defending your self. You cannot use any more force than is reasonable in the situation. So if he enters with a knife you cannot use a gun. All insane expectations of the homeowner.

@MaxwellDavid-qs5fg says:

15 years ago I was attacked by someone with a hunting knife, we wrestled over the knife, he did not survive. I was charged with 1st degree murder, the cops reasoning was that since I didn't let him cut me then I should have been able to subdue him. After the preliminary hearing the judge reduced the charge to 2nd degree murder, the only option available to him. Before the trial began the judge instructed the crown attorney to offer me a chance to plead to manslaughter for a sentence of 10 years, the crown refused, after some arguing between them, he agreed to offer to let me plead to manslaughter, but for 15 years.
Now, you have to understand that in Canada there is no "beyond a shadow of a doubt" up here the juries go on a "just in case" verdict. Meaning that I most likely would not have been found guilty of 2nd degree, but, just in case, find me guilty of manslaughter.
That left me with the option of going to trial for murder or pleading to manslaughter, if I were found guilty of manslaughter, the crown would most likey demand a life sentence with parole after 15 years. Obviously I took the judges idea of a deal for 10 years straight time. AKA black mail.

@billzee-tg8hh says:

a spray can of wasp spray isn't illegal yet?

@jimmymorrison9824 says:

So he is in security ar all times that man is heated who would not enjoy kicking him in the ass๐Ÿ˜…

@commonsenserevolutionx1053 says:

That creepy prick supports the criminal element because the Liberal party gets kick backs to pass weak laws design not to protect its citizens. Canadians love the Liberals, always electing majority Liberals, we get more and more crime and Liberal corruption, it is a vicious circle. It's our own fault, if we would only insist on passing a commonsense quiz, prior to getting a voting card we could eliminate 85-90 % of people supporting the Liberals.

@jameslacey858 says:

So it's law bidding citizens that are at fault for ………existing ๐Ÿ˜…

@leoventresca7867 says:

No politician has the right to tell any citizen they aren't allowed to defend themselves, only a fool would listen to nonsense like this especially with all the drug addicts and who knows who else is in the country today thanks to Trudope's government! I will always defend myself and my family and friends and let the cards fall where they may! Canada today under these WEF CRIMINALS is truly broken

@davesmith4757 says:

The only reason itโ€™s illegal is because you morons listened

@unklebobosaurus says:

If self defense is illegal in Canada why did that dude who shot those home invaders in Ontario have the charges dropped? And yes, under Trudeau. (A Milton, Ont. man formerly accused of killing a home intruder earlier this year no longer faces a charge of second-degree murder. On Monday, the Crown withdrew the charge against Ali Mian, 21, in a Milton courtroom, Ontario's Ministry of the Attorney General confirmed)

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