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Truck Driver Steps Into Third Party Encounter

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David Gomez says:

I was gonna say is that allowed that they jumped in the cops car?

MidnightModder says:

You've lost a ton of weight since I last watched. And your voice sounds different too. Still making great content though

SamRock says:

The suspect was probably calling those two good truckers, Mother Truckers or words to that effect.

Alex Neo Rivera says:

Grand Theft Auto lmao

A M says:

How I can send you a video?

alamsas2 says:

Lol first time I've seen bollards inside a building.. After this video, it seems to me that's a normal thing that happens haha

Baus From Space says:

Truck drivers gave the cops some tips afterward

theeoneandonlyibraw says:

Sounds about Australian!

Mirai Nikki says:

How the fuck did the dude get through 4 ppl lol holy shit. If you pull that police car stuff here in the US and watch them through you in jail… lol

brkbeat junkie says:

Liquor store? That’s a 7-11 lmao

Charlie says:

The wires over the cashier worked! If that trucker was a real robber and there was a cashier behind the counter, he would have been safe!

Truth Seeker says:

This doesn't fit "cops just shoot black people" narrative.

Corey White says:

USA you take the Police car your sentence will be longer than the robber.

Jory Blake says:

Ha, they have the same obvious problem we have in the states

BB Perez says:

Wth!! Imagine someone telling you this story from one of the citizen's perspective? I'd be like 😒dude you're a damn liar

Flamestripe03 says:

This can't be real. This has to be a skit. Danny Devito the Truck driver jumps into the police car after the police chase a vehicle on foot….

Don Schultz says:

What's the collective IQ in that part of the world? They call it down under. As in under 87?

angel Gomez says:

Dam that is a police spirits!

Phill Huddleston says:

If they are being called truck drivers I'm assuming they were in a truck, if so why didn't they just park their truck right behind the criminals truck to block him from leaving or at least make him flee on foot?

Uncrazamatic says:

Remember when Laura Southern was in Australia, the cop said you can't go into that Muslim area.

ninja says:

When truckers are braver than cops!

Michael Miner says:

Even the cops in Australia are not allowed to carry? See banning guns won’t stop theft. I guess they should ban vehicles. Back to horse and buggy.


You jump in a cop car in LA whether you are helping or not, they will shoot your ass!!!

The True Lord of This Castle says:

I love a happy ending

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