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Troy Ave Hints He Might Testify against Taxstone. Is he snitching if it was Self Defense?


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Troy Ave Insinuating He Might Testify against Taxstone. Is he snitching if it was Self Defense?

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KuFF DeeZ says:

Saying a nigga name to authorities is snitching period @kuffdeezbitch BEDSTUY BK


Taxtone shot him man

Anthony Hendrix says:

Snitching is telling period in any shape form or fashion.

Obe1Kanobe says:

taxstone got to be a real fkboy, for going at troy, then trying to walk up on him, then getting his gun taken away, and catching like 20 years. the definition of dumb mothrfcker

Shawn TG says:

If you tell on anyone you snitchin enemy or not

Pablo DaRuler says:

If you cooperate with the law enforcement you aw rat 💯🚫🧢

Samples says:

street niggas and cops is like cats and mice… if I'm a mouse and I run and tell the cats how to catch the other mice that's a bitch move cuz im giving up my own kind whether I like them or not or despite our beef there's nothing that justifies that its just a bitch move. if you got beef with a nigga and you run to the law to save your own ass… you a pussy ass nigga that shouldve never got off that porch ✌🏾

Josiah Allen says:

both these niggas corny as fuck anyway. they both telling.

Brandon Dunlap says:

Yep that’s snitching 1000 percent!

Drip Jay says:

Omar a super snitch for that & Troy ave a snitch to a certain extent

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