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Tragic Situation Involving Dueling Good Guys

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Procxlite says:

John, at 0:32 the retired officer I don't think was shooting at the on duty. It looks to me as I watch it more that he completely ignored (or didn't see) the on duty shooting at him. My guess is that his brain positively identified him in the moment (at least his face) and filtered him out very quickly as a bystander or something of the sort since it was a familiar face. If you look at the direction he's pointing his gun, it's still down the street at the bad guys. Then he takes a double take and sees his neighbor shooting at him. If you have a firearm, especially a retired officer, you'd think that after the first shot he would switch very quickly to whoever is shooting at him. But again, the brain does crazy filtering especially in fast moving situations as you know. From the frame in 0:31 to 0:33 you can see the retired officer didn't acknowledge the on duty. And when he did, he didn't instantly transition. It was almost like confusion.

My guess as well is after he realized "friend or foe doesn't matter, survival" it was already too late. Looks to me that he was trying to do calculus in his head why someone he knows is shooting at him. We don't have audio, but I wouldn't be surprised if he (tried to say/)said something along the lines of "what are you doing?" That's just the way I see it the more I look at it. Tragic situation nonetheless. Thanks for bringing us this one.

ricky gore says:

😂😂😂Where's our in house copper today? Suspiciously quite.
Maybe it's because he said he'd of shot the woman on the subway in similar circumstances yesterday.
Hope he's learnt a valuable lesson.

sicario357 says:

Tom & Jerry move works

Bear Scout says:

I swear all brazil is are off duty cops retired cops on duty cops or robbers that’s it no civilians

I am MGTOW says:

John Wick vs John Wick equals a stalemate

John Doe says:

Can I please get an update ASAP

liam wilson says:

U have lost a lot of weight man, keep it up .

Thimothy Winchester says:

Wow that was crazy

beary tha wizard! says:

I like how John makes a instructional class for everything. "These guys should have signed up for the low light firearms training course." Lol
If the ASP video is taking place at the neighborhood pool, John will say "perhaps this gentleman should have taken a weekend and went to the Situational Aquatic ballistics reaction class(with/out chlorine) and then he would have been aware that a swimming pool with chlorine will slow your round down and make it curve to the left due to the ph. levels.
We also will be offering a "its 5 oclock oh shibs, the sun is in my eyes what do I do?"

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