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Tragedy Strikes On A Russian Playground

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Poena says:

Wanna marry me?
You're dead, bitch!

WTF seriously? How is that a real situation?

Brent Thomas says:

You have to kill him slowly and make sure you give him adrenaline so he doesn't pass out so he can feel himself dying

Mike M says:

back right after high school a buddy proposed to his girlfriend, she said no and broke up with him.
later he called her and shot himself in the head over the phone. I think that is a better way to handle the situation.


That’s some evil shit. Glock 21 45 ACP…simple. Don’t know if I should thumbs up or down on this video. 🤦‍♂️

No8lc7 C says:

That poor kid in the green saw the whole thing, life long trauma.

Torotot Torotot says:

He deserve to be punished.. i feel sorry to the women 😣😣😣

Kurd YPG says:

How or where i can send you video? Why u dont give anny info how we can send you video?

Windsor Kid says:

Eternal damnation in hell is awaiting his arrival.

Karlo Miškulin says:

Wtf i hate this guy .. I want be so evil on him with my🔪😔

the great all mighty G says:

So lesson is don't ruin someone's marriage

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