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Top 5 Wing Chun self defense good to know

Top 5 Wing Chun self defense good to know Wing Chun martial arts master teaching basic Top 5 Wing Chun Techniques will become useful to not only Wing Chun students but any one with no MA expereince. Chinese Wing Chun master teaches students to destroy the Muay Thai fighter, Boxer and Kick Boxer. Learn the real Wing Chun techniques Bruce lee learned from Ip Man. Free real Wing Chun training, lethal and effective against Wing Chun vs Wing Chun, MMA, Muay Thai and the Kick Boxer. Master Wong top 10 wing chun techniques could one day save your life in a real combat street fight. Subscribe for more videos, click here: Wing Chun Training Course Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Chum Kiu £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Biu Jee £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun 116 Dummy Training £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Self Defence £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Self defence – Intermediate £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Street fighting £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Street fighting Intermediate £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Street Fight Advanced £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Fitness – Competition £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Fitness – Competition Intermediate £50 £150 67% off – Wing Chun Master £20 £50 60% off – JKD Body Weapon £20 £50 60% off – Tai Chi Training Course Tai Chi Chen Style £50 £150 67% off – Tai Chi – Yang Style – Chi Kung £50 £150 67% off – Tai Chi Combat £20 £50 60% off – Lifetime access UDEMY E-Learning 30 day money back guarantee! Available on iOS and Android Certificate of Completion If you like what you see or want to know more about the Master Wong training system please visit our website;


Frank Barreras says:

You are the best in my book. Thanks for your teachings in God we trust. You are a great guy Master Wong

tito Gregorio says:

i know this technics

Tony Rodriguez says:

i notice no one has video of the ball squeeze

Selwyn Rodda says:

"Make sure he has no eye left". And then wait for the call from his lawyer.

Paradigm 137 says:

I fuckin love this guy😂

billyum braskey says:

Please talk more about "the line," and talk about the kinetics behind being able to control the movements of two bodies in combat motion.

Saša Šoštarić says:

Kudos for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you researched – Chireetler Dread Free Rule (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one off product for learning self effective defence moves minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy after many years got amazing results with it.

Darren davis says:

It's all about being clever in a street row, be calm, focusing, be quick and mix it up. Be prepared to get hit, and take it, avoid it if you can, many man carry weapons today

Jingle YaBombz says:

I think I might learn this fighting technique. I also have a question: Is there a point in learning more than one fighting technique in case the one you have learnt doesn't prove useful against your opponent?

Tony Jackson says:

How can I learn wing chun

Johny Dang says:

The Title 💀

John William says:

Hi Master Wong I've never fight but one boy just challenge me how will I do???is there any vedio to watch can you please share me the link???😂😂😤😤he is big and strong

Luis Izquierdo says:

Interesting concepts in Wing Chun good analysis of real situations

Jet says:

I need to relearn MY english.

Thug Life Videos says:

I love your videos there very useful pls answer or reply me I am a huge fan of yours😍😍😍

Manolo says:

Can you teach how to fight close to a wall? ( how to use it against the enemy and if you are against the wall)

Rex Feral says:

of course the opponent in a real fight just stands still waiting for the enemy to kill him…believe it.

Surya Choudhery says:

hello friend please tell me how to download your all videos witch side

drew says:

that foot stop is hard to learn dude.

Street Champion says:

"It's like fighting with a bow & arrow now in days people using gun to shoot you" LMAO!!!

william SMITH says:

Been involved in martial arts a long time. This is good…..

Calen says:

one of the best topics is about how you use it in a threat situation, not leaning your head back, and realistic trapping which is like a blocking grapple.

44excalibur says:

Wasn't that kick at 0:04 a bit high for Wing Chun? That seemed like a Karate kick.

Danny says:

best stunt man the big guy he is always eating the punches an kicks the master throws at him hes very good at being a human punching bag…. his expressions when getting hit is hilarious at a professional level keep up the good work guys great combo…

One Kiwae says:

how do you defend yourself against prison fighters.

Ali Cadow Ilyaas says:

i like when you are making with tis guy it is like realy

Mike pena jorge says:

Uso thank you for The vídeo thank you

Joseluisperez perez says:

Thank you sir this what I been looking for very useful what you're teaching


Jeet Koon Do Teaches how to block Kicks with the Foot ,
the way he is Showing in this video.

Its Better to block the kick Long before it gains momentum.

マーちゃんはマージャン好き says:

Very goooood.

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