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Top 10 Wing Chun self defence moves You must know

Top 10 Wing Chun self defence moves You must know For more 😎 Videos Subscribe to me ➜ Wing Chun martial arts master teaching basic Top 10 Wing Chun Techniques will become useful to not only Wing Chun students but any one with no MA expereince. Chinese Wing Chun master teaches students to destroy the Muay Thai fighter, Boxer and Kick Boxer. Learn the real Wing Chun techniques Bruce lee learned from Ip Man. Free real Wing Chun training, lethal and effective against Wing Chun vs Wing Chun, MMA, Muay Thai and the Kick Boxer. Master Wong top 10 wing chun techniques could one day save your life in a real combat street fight. Wing Chun Training Course Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao £50 £200 75% off – Wing Chun Chum Kiu £50 £200 75% off – Wing Chun Biu Jee £50 £200 75% off – Wing Chun 116 Dummy Training £50 £200 75% off – Wing Chun Self Defence £50 £200 75% off – Wing Chun Self defence – Intermediate £50 £200 75% off – Wing Chun Street fighting £50 £150 75% off – Wing Chun Street fighting Intermediate £50 £200 75% off – Wing Chun Street Fight Advanced £50 £200 67% off – Wing Chun Fitness – Competition £50 £200 75% off – Wing Chun Fitness – Competition Intermediate £50 £200 75% off – Wing Chun Master £20 £50 60% off – JKD Body Weapon £20 £50 60% off – Tai Chi Training Course Tai Chi Chen Style £50 £200 75% off – Tai Chi – Yang Style – Chi Kung £50 £200 75% off – Tai Chi Combat £20 £50 60% off – Lifetime access UDEMY E-Learning 30 day money back guarantee! Available on iOS and Android Certificate of Completion Master Wong – Wing Chun Master Follow Master Wong on TWITTER: Follow Master Wong on INSTAGRAM: Like Wing Chun Master on FACEBOOK If you like what you see or want to know more about the Master Wong training system please visit our website;


Gregory Chevalier says:

I love you man….you rock bud……!!!

TeeBee 303 says:

Master Wong , please help me

bryanbirthsalch marak says:

what a hot style

Frank Barreras says:

You are the best noone better than you Master Wong

Mubashir Afridi says:

Master Wong, I reached orange belt in karate when I was 12 years old, now 32. I am dealing with pain in my left shoulder and I cant lift weights, can I still learn wing chun? Im very interested in it any advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you

noko59 says:

Awesome Videos! This video flowed smoothly as well as Master Wong. I wished Master Wong starred in a few movies, his expressions, movement and flow reminds me of Bruce Lee intensity, energy control and timing. Anyways these are the most useful as well as realistic techniques I've seen to a real fight where there are no rules, referees or even witnesses around.

mrbabycakes111 says:

love this guy. Good info. I was watching a ton of youtube videos today on fighting. I swear. 98% start with a big right hand punch. Or they grab you with the left and swing with right. These moves would save you…Just have to get that muscle memory down.

Antonio lucas Mazamana says:

Good lesson keep teaching us more things master Wong i like it

Barry Shearer says:

I I am not a wing chun exponent I trained over 45 years in Shotokan the reasons for basic movements are to give you the tools you need when you have to use them in self-defence now the basic movements are just so that you get your body condition to movement and perception of the other person's movement if that's possible as it regards the wooden dummy I feel that the wooden dummy is like for conditioning so when you're blocking that would not on your actually conditioning your arms a great to personal train with Steve Morris used to do a lot of arm conditioning so when you have to block someone's I arm he could actually break it with ease but Mr Wong master Wong I like what you're doing simple effective I I like. PS don't come to use dojo training with actual defence in the street it comes a different way you adapt your dojo training to suit the safe circumstances that you're in

Sunny Kumar says:

Amazing video master

Angelo Ocon says:

How to defend your heart?from someone who wants to break it? 💔

SP B1 says:

Jesus, send him to north korea we don't need a war, we'll just wong them

Dimitri Tribble says:

NICE VIDEO MAN ☺ ☺ ☺ 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

josias rocha says:

boa noite, admiro muito a suna forma de como voce ultiliza as tecnicas do wing chu, gostaria muito de ser seu representante aqui no amazonas Brasil, meu email [email protected] aguardo resposta

Daniel Le Lievre says:

"That's a very big hook – and you've lost your face.."

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