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Tony Blauer’s S.P.E.A.R. Self Defense: Fear, Survival, & Weaponizing the Flinch

Self defense pioneer Tony Blauer explains some life-saving skills and ideologies in this 1+ hour seminar. The S.P.E.A.R. system weaponizes the human flinch, which is a bridge into your next attack. Want to learn more? Sign up for Tony’s Self Defense camp in Las Vegas on July 8-9 by clicking the link below! 10% off & Free t-shirt — Use code: FIGHTTIPS► ———————– Subscribe to fightTIPS► FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |


KlatchianVampire says:

Man these 20 minutes have been very informative already. Great stuff!

Supreme Dreams says:

how do you fight with glasses I have glasses but I don't want them to break if I get hit in the face

jhevy1997 says:

perfect timing for the road trip tomorrow shane

Gil Robledo says:

awesome TIP!

Michael Matta says:

Holy fuck it's Tony Blauer

Drippy Flora says:

It's very considerate of you to arrange this sort of information to be free and available for your mostly young viewers. Young people make for great victims. I'm thankful for your care making this sort of stuff accessible.

juan camero says:

Some of it was good but some had a hint of McDOJO Kung Foo-lery

Ameranadianveteran says:

Great video. Covers a lot of pieces of the self-defense puzzle that need to be considered. Keep doing what you're doing Shane.

Joshua Hunkus says:

this guys great

Tom A Hawk says:

One of your best vids !! Great stuff .

Nathan Wong says:

First video that's over an hour that I haven't skipped. Good stuff 👍🏻

The Minesweeps says:

This is an important video. We often do not practice the situation prior to a fight. We practice in unrealistic scenarios because there are different categories that exist. Glad to have watched the entire video.

Nic Rich says:

This is brilliant stuff Shane!
Thanks so much for introducing me to this!
Def gonna be doing some more research on S.P.E.A.R

Johansen Hosein says:

Phenomenal video

Link Kokirian says:

29:51 "It's fuckin insane right?"

I love this so much 😂

PoopiePants Mcgee says:

Rings SO true about triggering your attackers best counter. Long story short me and a buddy got jumped across the street from a party (unbeknown to them 5 of our friends were at said party) so 45 seconds in I here Hey is that J!? All of a sudden its an even fight. The mouth in the group was trying to shove past me like lemme get my sandle.. I told him dont touch me. Sure enough he touches/ exact same time i land a right cross he falls. I follow him to the ground landing effortlessly in mount. Next thing i feel is his thumb starting at the top of my forehead dragging it down trying to find my eyes. So in an instant i take my thumb and fish hook (do not recommend puting fingers in someones mouth.) on the left side of his mouth and head butt once. I swear I smelled that iron blood smell. He immediately starts yelling for his friends to help get me off. I got off. I never would have done that though if he hadn't tried to gouge my eyes

Steve P. says:

And Blauer goes through the windshield. Let's look to the judges. We have an 8.5, a 9.2, and an 8.9. Blauer wins the Silver for going through a windshield.
But srsly, good video.

fair hero says:

Shane give a video on hand muscle relaxation

damvid21 says:

This is some great stuff, a 1+ hour seminar for free! Thanks Shane and Tony, it was illuminating!

ThrowingSpoon says:

Hey Shane I watched this and it reminds me a lot of the style of martial arts I study, look up AGPS Silat and the other Filipino martial arts if you haven't already. Great stuff!

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