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To Be A Self Defender You MUST Pay Attention

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Bschill says:

Not only is the guy lackadaisically riding around the parking lot looking over his shoulders, but he's wearing all dark clothes and has his hood up when the climate that clearly doesn't call for a hood. So many red flags

Rabbi Shekelstein says:

She looked a little too relaxed.

Marina7 os says:

So bad👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Jacob Roy says:

Typical dark colored fellow

Charles Gillam says:

Saddens me, being from Texas. Our capital is the sorry liberal hub of the state and Houston is the smelly armpit. 90% of the state is moral, patriotic, God-fearing, neighbor-loving, and solid citizens. Thank you John for all of your good work.

Brent Wise says:

People some definitely do be riding around on bikes at gas station in Houston no bullshit that’s every day

Associate Minister says:

If that was your wife – and you know there’s a gun in the purse – can you shoot him as he flees? I know purse carry is stupid. Just asking.

BigDaddy P says:

Another reason for you ladies not to carry your firearm in your purse

Pinche Gringo says:

They sale more then gas. But either way hes definitely throwing out sketchy vibs.

UrbanTree Steve says:

Houston is out of control…cockroaches everywhere and I will say it again, Houston needs an exterminator

GlobDabber says:

Things like this wouldn't happen with an off duty Brazilian police officer near by

Dominic Akens says:

So would that be consider a threat ? Shoot him in the leg , im from Nevada … Real question

Heinrich Bluttraumer says:

This is the new norm out in public, anytime, anyplace.

Semaginim RS says:

Hahahhaha joink

Jeep Rider says:

Then these scum bags wonder why cops shoot them then protest

Mike says:

The unfortunate thing is that you can’t shoot criminals for robbing a purse.

Jesse Nguyen says:

In Vietnam in my experience most women carry the smallest wallet or clutch they can fit all their essentials and hug it close to their body like a football or keep it in their wallet for this reason.

chris says:

Gas station by my house there always at least 1 or crack headed people hanging out around the sides


Since subbing to this channel I've become a lot more observant and have purchased "things."

Didymus Mac says:

You do a good job on your vids. Just say'in.

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