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This is a Self Defense Video You NEED To Watch with your Family…

You already know what to do when confronted by a gunman at the parking lot. But do you know what to do if you have your children with you? More importantly…do THEY know what to do? This video doesn’t have the answers…but you should be asking those questions. Thank you for watching our channel. Your subscription is valuable to us. Please consider subscribing. For business inquiries including video production, social media management, product integration and sponsorship please contact our Operations Director: [email protected] Get Connected With the Team! Funker Tactical Website: Funker Tactical FB Page: Music by: Machinima Sound, Anze Rozman and Samuel Nevarez. All of our videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please do not try anything you see in a Funker Tactical video without the supervision of a qualified instructor. These actions are potentially dangerous and may cause injury or death. Always exercise the highest level of safety when handling weapons and firearms. Please check with your local authorities regarding the lawful ownership and use of any weapons, firearms, kit and gear you see in any of our videos. We are not responsible for the consequences derived from the purchase, importation, possession or use of any items you see in our channel. Once again, it is important that you check with your local authorities first.


Michael Brian says:

Love this. Love watching Ryan work. Great job!

Ezekiel Garza says:

it was a win win, very cool

MUTE8 says:

We need more of this in the world

narayantx says:

This is fantastic.

Zz Z says:

That was great to see.. situational awareness is your greatest asset.. see it coming and be prepared..

Eric Armel says:

Always great information I don’t live in a big city but I know what it’s like to be on the ground fighting I carry daily blades and a pistol every day all day but I also carry a pen and I also carry flashlight and Ryans information from watching his videos are the best I enjoyed them a lot and I would like to take his classes by the way but I’m from PennsylvaniaSouth western if you can get there I’ll take them Pittsburgh area would be perfect but I always carry something because I know what it’s like to be on the ground and if you fight you will end up on the ground Thank you Ryan for all your information please keep making videos and doing classes it’s very much appreciated two people that are self-defense minded again thank you very much

Juan Chaclana says:

My plan Ryan is to tare u r balls off anyway possible do u still want to fight me

blueharley86 says:

Superb seminar and the "must have" Ryan stresses as the post below, you "must" have a game plan!. Be it a fire, on the streets, at school, at work. You cannot build a game plan after a situation develops. I've been studying FMA, all aspects for more than 20 years and being repetitive here, never assume – never loose focus! Great work.

grizzly bear says:

What amazing looking store. Is that ??

jamie gutierrez says:

Awesome video and great info as always Ryan!

Todd Motuelle says:

Thank you Ryan for your time with the training, and for 5.11, A HUGE thank you for having the guts that no other retail establishment has to put on a presentation that our society so desperately needs.

Jeremiah Johnson says:

Gear up, team up, train up.
The time is now.

1sunstyle says:

I can't watch this any more! Everyone is busy trying to figure it out. Peace. Mike.

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