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This Carjacking Quickly Becomes A Kidnapping

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Mark Dougherty says:

Do a video on the Kyle Rittenhouse incident please!! Looking forward to your balanced and factual perspective on the matter, John.

Jacob Sigler says:

Should have run over the rifleman and go back and forth until they are all crushed!!! You might.die anyway so i would take my chances

Mary Sh says:

I think it’s important to note in some parts of the world, sometimes, it’s better to comply rather than putting up a fight because, depending on who’s kidnapping u, they most likely just want money. (If it’s random)
It’s like a business. I know a lot of people who were taken & returned & also ppl who resisted & paid the price unfortunately!
You’ve gotta know your environment!! In US & places like that I would do everything in my power to avoid going to a secondary location. in places like Nigeria for example, I would comply.

Itsjust LB says:

Why he didn't sacrifice his car to save himself 😕

Launa Fallat says:

What is going on with the cell phone person taking video and not calling police with it??

David Zimmerman says:

It’s become the new get rich fast tactic in South Africa. At least 16 people per day are kidnapped and they ask for ransom. 14 police officers were arrested for collusion with kidnappers. It’s become a shit hole for White and foreign people.

Ryan Omeara says:

How do you not know what happened? What is the point of showing this video if you don't know the outcome. That is so dumb please get us the outcome as that was the reason I watched this video

Raptor Krav Maga says:

No kidnapping here.They will take him to the ATM and make him to withdraw his limit and after that they will disappear with the car. The victim was not aware of the vehicle which was tailing him and he paid the price.

Franco Spain says:

Our future.

Timothy Courtemanche says:

You call this a car jacking to turn into a kidnapping, looks more like a well executed kidnapping; taking the car was only part of the kidnapping plan.

Singga V says:

do jacob blake contraversy

MrJag408 says:

I get it how this could happen because it happens in a snap! If you’ve never been aggressive then you won’t know when the time is to BE Defensive.
But yeah, always check your mirrors when you come to a stop.

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