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Third Party Encounters Can Be Very Dangerous

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Heart attack says:

He should have told them that he was a cop before taking pics

relaxation 23 says:

With that man people fighting you like that you can absolutely shoot them

mase720 says:

Ill only help if its a life threatening situation. This video makes me sooooo mad.

knowthetruth1492 says:

I’ve been in situations by myself or with a girl where groups of people, Black, Hispanic, and even some drunk White guys have attacked or threatened to attack me and this is why I always carry, even if going to the corner store. I’ve had to OC people before and have made them make the smart decision to walk away(or run away) and not get shot.

James Brey says:

Look at the 550 mark he hands something to his buddy and the buddy walks off !!! It must of been the phone or a gun !!!

Jon Stebbins says:

How come you never see this in the white community? When will black leaders of the community stand up and start calling out this for what it is and stop trying to play victim maybe things will change

Jose Gonzalez says:

I always carry my gun if if that happens it will be different story all this f**** guys they're cowards

LosTn Shadow says:

this is why u carry. put one shot in as he’s running at you then rest of them will scatter. Smfh

colin crisp says:

stupid cop  should have just got her away  want to piss some off take there photo  its arrogant  stupid       cheers

Hot Toddy says:

01:38 Did you see the "guy in the red hat" douche fuk face hand off the phone to his buddy??

Mad Maxian says:

One shot, one bullet would have stopped everything.

Mando_Dan says:

The officers should have placed everyone involved in the scuffle in hand restraints until they figured out what actually happened by asking witnesses in the area. They didn't restrain anybody and I agree with CK-32 they should be reprimanded if not fired. That's the only way thugs like in the video know how to fight is by hitting females and attacking in groups instead of one on one. Cowardly A-holes.

Saddleworn says:

Here's my engagement requirements for different scenarios:
Scenarios Triggering Immediate Fight to Death
Potentially grave or lethal violence committed on me, family, or friend
Want to take me, family, or friend to another location – "Get in the car"
Want me to get in "back room"
Want to tie me up
Want me to lie on ground
I reserve the option to buy time through deceit, misdirection, or other means

Scenarios Triggering Compliance
They have the drop on me
They appear non-violent – just want to rob & get out
I reserve the option to escalate

Scenarios Triggering Good Samaritan Actions
Imminent Death of Third Party Likely AND I have the drop or concealment/cover
I reserve the option to not take action or withdraw

Scenarios Failing to Trigger Good Samaritan Actions
Action would be close to suicide (I don't have the drop or no concealment/cover, etc.)
Compliance by the third party appears to be a viable option w/likely good outcome.
Third party triggered the encounter through words, actions, or ego
It is unclear who the good guy/bad guy is
I reserve the option to escalate or withdraw

Joseph says:

I think the punk with the red cap had a gun. Check it out at 1:37 He tucked something under his belt.

FullSend says:

Black at it again….

XXMatrixFlames says:

Man I wish that officer patrol had a gun to whip them in the head or open fire on them

Pinche Gringo says:

I'm willing to step in on third party encounters depending on the situation. I wouldnt stop two males fighting,men of same size/close in age/stop when the opponents down. But if I see something not right im gonna analyst the situation and step in as need.

ALWAYS carry!

M D says:

1:39 The main suspect gives the stolen property to his buddy… hes guilty and should be strung up from a bridge. Amazing we allow these thugs to live among us. Edit a female thug also takes an opportunity to assault the first victim during the scuffle. She should also be strung up from a bridge. Their day of reckoning will come soon.

Pw America says:

punks everywhere
think before you do…
this guy was outnumbered
I wouldn’t have.
all this on camera…
doesn’t he carry…

Zachary Diggins says:

I wanna say bad things…

Ray karl says:

I don't know why these thugs do the same thing as people did at the two RIOTS that California had! It is always 6+ people who attack 1 person!

T Sing says:

Hope the white shirt kid was one of the ones arrested. At least he got pepper sprayed.

j787023 1 says:

thats when you just start blastin

ssanderford63 says:

I'm not sure if its required or not but my buddy is a LEO here in texas and he always has his badge on him even when he's off duty. I feel like showing a badge during the initial interaction wouldve diffused the whole situation.

Daynger Kat says:

Holy sh*t those officers did absolutely nothing!!!!! I bet if they knew he was a cop they would’ve done something

Getthefuckoffmylawn says:

I avoid: teenagers
Getting involved

jermaine pearson says:

it depends. old lady yeah ill help, kids, yes ill help, anyone old enough to carry their own gun… nope

Alexander Seling says:

Worst security guards I have ever seen. They should all be fired since they have proven themselves to be absolutely useless. They let this happen. Cowards.

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