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The Truth about that Weird Self-Defense Ad you keep seeing

(Recorded in February) Do you keep seeing an ad for a self defense program that seems to good to be true? The one about the guy who says he’s been in 600 fights? And he can teach you to beat anyone with just five simple moves? In only two days? Hundreds of viewers have asked me about the Alpha nation combat fighter system (which is often advertised in front of martial arts related videos) which promises to make you an unstoppable badass in only 2 days. Want to know the truth?


Jezee Sanderz says:

Hey Ramsey I really enjoy watching your videos. Out of interest what do you think of 52 blocks by lyte burly real or fake.

Mr Bones says:

I hate that ad and I'm pretty sure I could wreck the dude they're showing on it.

Guage12187 x says:

I can Naturally sneeze????Who knew….

The Irony is that Fake Martial Artist exist in part due to Real Martial Artist not directly proving them wrong.

Kali Southpaw says:

I've been in just over a dozen "street fights" over the course of going out a lot over more than 25 years, and I thought that was a lot.

600? Bullshit. The only way to do that is to maybe be in some kind of gang and be a collector or enforcer of some kind or to randomly attack people constantly. But how do you keep from eventually getting killed or maimed after fighting that many times?

As a competitor it's possible to have a few hundred matches. Or if you count every time you roll on the mat as a match, it's possible to have hundreds of those. I started Judo around 1992, and then BJJ around 1995, and have easily had hundreds of rolls on the mat with people but those weren't "fights".

Anyway, yeah, ads like this are just a rehashing of the 70's "Black Dragon" shit with "Count Dante" type hype.

Genadij Smradztoiek says:

A Canadian SWAT team leader and a Canadian bouncer teach youm, how to say: "Sorry, eh?" so convincingly, that it saved their bacon in hundreds of street fights.

Dekim Bahrah says:

Thank you for the insight, keep keeping it real Ramsey 👍🏽

tronald dump says:

Never been in a street fight in my life. Sometimes I really want to , to test my training … but I am afraid it will go on my record and will destroy my college opportunities ..

Ant Goj I MMA highlights and breakdown I says:

0:48 that heavy feeling in your chest when that laugh of shame and disappoint come

American Berserker says:

I have seen this. I can't find anything about this except the websight it self.

BlueFang714 says:

The part I hate the most is that they emphasize his military background so heavily to try and sell it. If you got 600 fights, military doesn't want you unless they were professional fights. They're going to question if they can control you and if you're mentally stable. Your arrest record would be ridiculous and alone would keep you out of the military since somewhere down the line you were probably convicted of multiple assault charges.

Joining special forces won't give you self defense practice, it will give you is experience on how to shoot people. They'd probably learn MCMAPS but that's not going to be the same as MMA really and focuses heavily on conditioning to my understanding while using easy and simple techniques that aren't unique, but rather effective. What hand to hand special forces would get is not nearly on par with a professional fighter. Professional fighters use their bodies, military uses tools and technology. Special Forces usually has a better body and is able to do more physically obviously, the training just is not the same. They're less concerned about your punch power and more on your aim.

I was annoyed by the lies altogether because it's just going to get people hurt or worse. They would give people false confidence which is in my opinion more dangerous than anything.

The Great Danku Tree says:

he's handsome dammit

Tim N says:

I only get ads of Gordan Ryan's passing DVDs

Christopher Velez says:

I love the story

Bobby_Robin _66 says:

I'm mildly triggered because that add just popped up 😂

Glen Hauser says:

Hey Dewey scams are everywhere

Matthew Thomson says:

You aren’t Ramsey Dewey! He lives at the JX Fight Club!

kleinjahr says:

Those ads remind me of the old ads in the back of comic books and PM magazines. Probably as useful too.

Dost Thou Even Logic Brethren? says:

Ahh yes, the ad from the "Special operations guy". Sounds legit. HA HA

OldNatty says:

Same old script as SCARS, Target Focused Training, TRS, and that guy that sells the system supposedly inspired by W.E. Fairbairn. I don't know why people waste their time? Everyone knows there's only one ultimate unbeatable best system out here. Master Ken's Ameri-Do-Te.

Justin DeVille says:

There are professional fighters who have had less than 600 fights, including none competitive one's…. That's a lot of fights

Justin DeVille says:

Experience+attitude(physicality)= probability of victory. I got tons of experience, and can summon the attitude… But put my out of shape self against a guy with half my experience, an attitude but built like Ramsey here and I'll lose every time. That's just reality.

mark steven says:

anger is a energy ,it combats depression ,learn how to develop anger and turn it into rage , you will have a lot more power , good fighting skills and rage , rage is the best

Adroit says:


TWseca seca says:

Damm, this guy is really checking every single comment.
PS: the thumbnail looks like a photo from the Vietnam War

Luc Max says:

I have a system to win any fight as easily as sneezing too! You just contract a deadly disease, and then sneeze on your opponents. They might beat you in the short term but …

Eric S says:

I find it hard to believe that someone could get into 600 street fights (I mean actual fights against healthy adult opponents) and still be:

a) alive
b) not in prison
c) able to use the bathroom unaided

Žiga Vrhovec says:

Can you make reaction video on this guy?–azP_A

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