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Road Rage Turned Into Aggravated Assault Charges Pressed

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Active Self Protection says:

In a wreck? Need a check? Contact Lerner & Rowe, one of America's largest law firms, for a free consultation. There are no fees until you win, go to to get started.

Daniel amador says:

But but but I know someone who died from a punch.

Tom Mcclelland says:

Very interesting video

SirWalterSansRien says:


Bad Panda Racing says:

The part to me that I would say is the most detrimental is if you get one good kick to the face your lights out and then after that your heads can get stomped in your skull is going to be crushed in that to me just applies every means of shooting somebody when you're down

R. Holdaway says:

You’re a Niners fan??? That’s great! I already had several reasons why I liked ya. Now, add one more big one.

Myk Al says:

a safety away from getting a hole in your gnoggin. jeeeeeeeeeez.

John Clark says:

If I heard right, the guy in shorts had a neg. discharge trying to unload after the video ended. At 6:47 it looks like another ND as they fight over it. There is a puff of what looks like smoke.

TGFTH says:

Winning a Road Rage Challenge 2023: nothing

Dr Wondertainment says:

Seems like the jump kick was kind of assault too but I'm not trying to be a keyboard warrior about it, I wasn't there.

Brandon RS says:

Both should have been arrested

GianyJ says:

Good I’m glad they arrested the guy who pulled out the gun, that loser !!!! The other guy didn’t have a weapon !!!!!

jthrelf says:

Should both be charged, idiots

Uptown BayArea says:

The big guy would have been protected by "Stand Your Ground Law" if this was in Florida. Remember a guy that was pushed in front of a store in Florida and pulled up gun and fired shot?

drummerman1206 says:

It amazes me how easy some of these people are so quick to pull out a gun on someone just for some dumb shit on the road. Like… really??? You’re willing to take someone’s dad away?…. Someone’s husband or son…. Because they cut you off on the road? Or said mean words to you? It’s so mind blowing man. The aggressor almost died that day….. for what?
If you’re reading this and you constantly rage at people on the road, do yourself a favor and get some help. Figure out why you can get so angry over some trivial bullshit and fox the problem.
It ain’t worth it man.

Eddies aquarium says:


BC USA says:

🤣🤣 How are you supposed to pull your gun out when someone is kicking you??

Matt C says:

Physical fitness always comes in to play. Really no excuse for being that unfit.

markochips markochips says:

Justified shooting would have been my thought… Who is to say that the attacker would not have brought round 2 of a attack? Just as the perp initiated the first attack a 2nd attack could follow just the same. One could argue My life was threatened with the fear of a secondary attack.

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