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The secret self defense tool that could save your life

Get your Quantum Protector self defense canes here: Join this channel to get access to perks: The secret self defense tool that could save your life Get some great martial arts weapons and gear in this store Become a patron and help me continue making these instructional videos. Thank you! Thank you for watching! Please like, subscribe, and leave me comments! Go to to get updates and curriculum checklists and guides. Go to for the best online martial arts classes free! Matt Pasquinilli is head instructor of Quantum Martial Arts at 9091 Military Train N, Suite 5, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 Located minutes from Singer Island between North Palm Beach, Jupiter and Tequesta in the North, Palm Beach Gardens to the West, and Delray and Boca Raton in the South.


Learn Self Defense With Matt Pasquinilli says:

Thank you for watching! Get your Quantum Protector self defense canes here:


Thanks for the video!

I had a pretty good cane and staff workout last night. I worked the ceiling block a bit followed by the two-handed bayonet thrust. I also worked the defense for an attack from behind.

Sean Ertsgaard says:

I am at I sure like your videos How long does the pericord wrap last

Andy Thousand says:

Great content. Could you do one about using an expandable baton?

Marsh Oak Dojo - Tim Pruitt says:

thanks Matt

John Smith says:

Still working on my stick fighting

numan ergün. says:

thnx a lot friend ..

Arnold Young says:


EGuadalupe Niño says:

Thank you! Getting older can be fun, aint it?

Jack Highcastle says:

i hurt my foot 2 weeks ago. I need that thing haha xD

Ale Tobyjugski says:

Thanks matt 👍🏻

Boere Burger says:

Again, good and practical skills from a man who knows what is practical and what is not.
Keep those videos comming, well apreciated.

Synge Man says:

Yes ! So tough ! You are Blessed

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