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The Expandable Baton is Not a Self Defense Tool | Police Should Not Carry Batons

The expandable baton is one of the most useless tools regularly carried by police. It has absolutely no track record of desirable results and is responsible for some of the worst cases of police brutality ever. I do not understand why this thing still exists. This is just a short playlist of some baton fails that illustrate some of the points in this video. Do you know of many… or any… instances of the baton actually working as intended? Get hard2hurt merch here! Please consider supporting hard2hurt and get exclusive content available only on Patreon. Follow Mike: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: My Kit: Icy Mike and Passive Jay Podcast: DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on them, hard2hurt receives a small commission. This helps supports the hard2hurt channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thanks for supporting us and stay hard2hurt. Music: Lying Low by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


hard2hurt says:

Question for Viewers: Does the baton ever work as intended?

Dvaid oliver says:

If going down that route, knife for self defense isn't a thing either as a knife is super lethal. Just wondering what your take on knife for self defense would be?

Nick Shea says:

I carry two ASPs so I can dual wield

Mingzhao Xu says:

Does spitting in your would-be attacker's mouth make you hard to hurt?

Nethezbet says:

Oops. When I started LE we have expandable straight batons and the PR-24 with the side-handle. We learned like 60 crazy ass techniques that became 24 or so which became "wtf do we have this, no one ever remembers these crazy complex techniques, let's go to the straight baton and call it a day" Improvement? Sure. Still useless though. I have never used a baton for leverage, jiujitsu works fine for getting arms behind backs and when all else fails, to hold people down so your buddies can get there and help. I don't even use OC, that shit is worthless as well. Just need a gun, a TASER, and BJJ, and maybe a small selection of simple strikes and defensive techniques.

Baton though? Worthless.

Nethezbet says:

15 years in LE… I have never ONCE used it, and I never will.

Man Plan says:

One video. I have seen a few others as well..

Gary Naccarto says:

The moral of this video is that when use a "stick" while defending yourself against someone and the police arrive you just might end up in a "sticky" situation.

Man Plan says:

It's actually used for self defense quite a bit. It's just that the media will show you every bad body cam footage while never showing the good. It's just like guns man. There are statistics out by the CDC that show there are more defensive gun uses in America than there are murders. Does the media show that? No.

Rivaal boksclub says:

i've only seen these work right when smashing a windshield.

Lee Whitorth says:

I like some of your video's but After seeing this one and watching rokas, master wong, fight perfect, the list goes on. That martial art YouTubers there target audience must be for kids

Zoar Quail says:

Side handle baton is legit. Good to keep in the car. Can be used as a highly effective defensive tool. Held long side twd elbow is a great “shield” could block a bat strike away with it.
Same position allows straight punches with the short end forward.
Is excellent for defense against knife attack, I literally fought off a meth head tryna shank me with a karambit using side handle baton.
Joint locks make better sense with it than straght baton although I wouldnt use up valuable training time on that.

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