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The 2nd Amendment is NOT about Hunting or Self Defense (Rant)

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Jim Rodgers says:

Interesting argument. I've never looked at the 2A that way. We are allowed to own firearms without infringement – why? We are allowed to own firearms for commonly held reasons: to protect ourselves from an overreaching government and from people who want to do us harm.

kidmosey says:

The way you are interpreting it seems flawed. The way you talk, you imply the people are the well-regulated militia, but that contradicts "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"

Here's my translation of the 2nd amendment:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,"
– Because the government needs to defend the people with a military.

"the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
– The people need the capability to keep that government in check.

Mr. Joe says:

The founders wanted the average citizen to be able to own the same small arms that an infantryman would have.

White Space Marines says:

We are not "Allowed" anything via the Second Amendment, we are "Allowed" to keep and bear arms via our Natural RIGHT, by God. The 2nd Amendment merely points out our Right, given to us by God and God alone.
The founding fathers only pointed out that FACT, by writing it down. Read the supporting documents.
I only point this out, because even if the paper was not there, we STILL have that right.
I am glad the founding fathers wrote it down, but if they never did, does Not mean we do not have the Right.
The 2nd Amendment is only the conclusion of a Sober mind.
While we are on the subject, we,….as a people, should not bend to the will or the threats of a Tyrannical government by participating in "PERMITS". Why should be BEG the government for PERMISSION to keep and bear arms for something that is a RIGHT?
That goes not only for owning a firearm, or carrying one. But for hunting or fishing too.
Who gives THEM a RIGHT to tell us that we must have PERMISSION to feed ourselves and our families?

seymore butts says:

On point ! But we don’t need standing armies, it’s a big scam to keep us slaves to to system and take our money under threat of imprisonment

iPac9mm says:

Paris France 🇫🇷 needs a 2A

0341 CORPORAL says:

We the people 🍺

ytown4 says:

Thanks for providing some much needed education!

thomas williams says:

Ten funds dislike this truth

dougbs73 says:


Doug Ullery says:

I agree with you. It’s sad that it won’t matter. We will continue to lose our gun privileges (yes they are privileges at this point) one piece at a time. Once we compromised we threw that word infringement in the trash. We will never go to war with the government so we really only have one option. We have to stop insulting liberals, be nice and slowly try to get them involved in firearms. We need numbers so we can vote in real 2A supporters who will restore our rights. We need our loudest voices to stop yelling snowflakes and libtards and starting trying to invite a new audience in. It would be great if Hickok would get at least a little political and talk about the need for other channels to be more inclusive. The focus needs to be on the fun firearms can be not how we have to train to win the fight. What fight? This just makes us look like a bunch of blood thirsty spec op wannabes looking for a fight. In short since we have proven we don’t have the balls to fight we need to find a way to increase our vote and use that to help us keep our rights.

zeprin says:

Bottom line…when it is Govt. vs Citizens, the Govt. has to win EVERY TIME! The Citizens only need to win ONCE.

Graydog 0126 says:

When people say people with small arms could never hold off a military like ours, I just say Afghanistan.

LongRangeSavage says:

I do disagree that the 2nd Amendment isn’t directly tied to hunting, because it’s main purpose is to protect the people's right to hunt.

Specifically their right to hunt tyrants.

Richard says:

Who's going to handle your logistics. Supply ammo, food, water bandages, medicine, light artillery, rpg.s etc. This is a silly wet dream. If the 101st shows up at your door and demands your weapons. give them up. Your toast.

kelly baker says:

remember Waco? how did that works out for those idiots?????

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