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Learn the best Karate exercise for kata application (bunkai) in practical self-defense from Jesse Enkamp (The Karate Nerd) demonstrated with Oliver “The Future” Enkamp in Stockholm, Sweden. Visit to learn more.


Ryan Webb says:

This is awesome! Love your videos!

dillon nolan says:

I love this guy

Brian Preston says:

This is definitely a new way of training for me…..there is so much emphasis on doing kata in copy mode that we forget what it is actually meant for….

Jeremy Austin says:

Hey jesse if you and oliver would ever fight against each other who would win i pick you i was just curious is all

Jeremy Austin says:

Hey jesse i love the karate kid movies I'm wondering if the kata ralph macchio uses at the end of karate kid 3 really works

Mati Garcia says:

Awesome, as a beginner in Shorin Ryu karate I think all you videos are very practical!

trishti says:

Enlightening, Mr. Enkamp.

Dustin Welch says:

And Double knee strike

Thenyson da Silva Bispo says:

Jesse, I practice Shotokan Karate here in Brasil and really like your explanation about this wonderfull marcial art and I learn a lot with you… Thanks a lot…

Dustin Welch says:

Now Jesse still don’t think I know how to fight

Dustin Welch says:

Right hook left hook right cross left cross uppercut jab hook

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