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Pichaman says:

Those moves are legit, just because your partner knows nothing doesn't mean they don't work, the moves shown were basic aikido techniques.

AttritionWarrior says:

This is a joke

David Jones says:

You did the second technique wrong. Hapkido fan technique does work if done correctly.

Cody Cunningham says:

Who the fuck grabs someone's right shoulder with their left hand or vice versa? Stupid as fuck! So stupid that I cannot stop repeatedly saying how stupid it is.

painfull16 says:

What's with the 'millisecond' screen captions? Fuck me.

Sharkonabicycle says:

The two moves she showed can work (especially the second if you're quick enough). If Izzy knew these moves full speed and you were not expecting her to defend herself with THOSE SPECIFIC moves, they can be rather effective. If I tell you, "Okay I am going to jab you in the face with my left and uppercut with my right. You'll want to get your arms up to block and chin tucked." You're going to take minimal damage. If I did it to you in a regular fight and you weren't experienced and reacted fast enough, you'd be out lights cold.

OS10100 says:

The self-defense videos are a mixed bag. On the one hand, the person (attacker) is complying for the sake of the video… on the flipside, the person (attacker) is trying their hardest to defeat the self-defence tactic since they are expecting it. It's always a 50/50 in a real-world scenario.

Chris LeDoux says:

if your assailant never uses more then one arm you should be alright…. I mean what the fuck .

Jimmy Cornillez says:

The problem with his video is that he knows what she's going to do so he can brace for it and resist. You also have to realize that most men who attack women will not expect the woman to fight back or know how to defend themselves. I think he should have the girl learn different defensive techniques and then go at it not know what she's going to do. You'd have to do it at full speed. Anyone can dodge a bullet if it's coming at you in slow motion.

Alexandru Constantin says:


matt smith says:

Cute girlfriend

CVR IV says:

Those techniques actually do work if you do them right. The only bullshit I'm seeing is in this video.

Giobatta Pitch says:

I’m becoming obsessed with the song but I can’t find it anywhere to download, can you help me??

Charlie Poag says:

While the actual instruction for the original videos might be off (dunno, would have to watch them and just don't want to) I can say that your "woman in distress" here is actually applying most of these incorrectly. Biggest red flag was in the second defense move, she's not even trying to dig that thumb into a pressure point on the backside of the guy's hand and that is a key part of why that move works to get the guy's hand off the shoulder, and then adding a second pain application to the wrist and with the other thumb once you have the "hamburger grip" going.

So while the instruction might be weak, the pathetic attempt at reproducing these is even more of a joke.

David S. says:

Get a girl that is practiced and isn't a timid twig, and get a guy who doesn't know what to expect. I know first-hand the counter to the shoulder grab works. Like many attacks, it does rely heavily on speed and surprise, but it does work. Your video is very misleading.

Kent Kanaya says:

Best self defense for women? Concealed carry.

Robert Morrison says:

And although I am all about calling some bullshit on techniques, I'd like to say the bullshit here is more the instruction is incomplete and therefore ineffective.

In the first technique, the missing part is the elbow shouldn't come over the arm but in twisting the arm, you expose the radial nerve which is just under the big meaty part of your elbow at the forarm. If you roll their arm and then bring your elbow directly on this nerve, they will drop as it is very painful.

In the second technique, hand and finger placement is critical and absent in the instruction and therefore missed in your attempt. The 4 fingers should wrap the meaty part of the opponents thumb and your thumb should be on the outside little finger knuckle. This allows for leverage to be brought upon the wrist joint. As the wrist joint locks at it maximum extension, the elbow and then the shoulder will follow suit and lock in an attempt to relieve the tension. The entire joint system only breaks down when the wrist is hyperextended.

Both of these techniques are alright to know but I'd put more stock into some jiu jitsu and if formal training isn't your thing, get a gun.

Black Parlor .Customs says:

Idk why but the demo video in this really pisses me off! I mean I know why, and there is obviously much more crap than that shown online for self defense.

Mike P. says:

Bobby Hill sent me here…"That's my purse! I don't know You!"

Alice Bonnet says:

Women suck at everything except winning custody and collection of child support. Trust me I bleed for 7 days and do not die.

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