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Testimony of an Iraq War Veteran,Tactical, Practical Self Defense 2017

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Marvin PhiRatio says:

whats false flag i live in colorado a mile from columbine your saying it didant happen?

The Mechanic says:

the song is " take on me"

Si Slater says:

Great show and guest, solid info thanks Rex

Bill C says:

I was there and it sucks that the only reason we were there was because Iraq was going to go to a gold back currency. Same as Kadafi. Mess with the central banks and your dead

The Self Sufficient Life says:

Good one! Build community! Absolutely! Something I've tried to bring up often. I pulled away from a lot of "prepper" networks because it seemed they were more interested in preparing to bunker in and KILL all of their neighbors.

Daniel Varga says:

Great show good information . Thanks Rex.

B Forler says:

It coulda been a ha too.

B Forler says:

we appreciate everything you do!

B Forler says:

i hate that song too.

B Forler says:

couldnt be inxs de ne ne ne neh de ne ne ne neh. had to look it up……just knew the chorus was in cars…..when i hurd him say the beat.

B Forler says:

Gary Numan – Cars

John Smith says:

All war are corporate ran war is complete bullshit~ there is abundance but we must rid our country of the ROTHSCHILDS~

DoTheEvo 2010 says:

An IED in the air is called an RPG!

the vein slayer says:

i rather learn off Johnathon then take a class at a tactical response

National Match says:

Thank you for helping to expand Jonathan's channel!!!!

G33 ImaGINAtion says:

rex, I sent it thru fb messenger. some pics.

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