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Tactical Pen Self Defense (like Kubotan, Yawara, Pocket Stick, Koppo, …)

Self Defense demo with a Pen. For more testing & evaluation demos, visit


Kevin Morley says:

Nice video!

Shay Leshchinsky Yeari says:

Is something known, in which police departments at the World use kubotan?
If something has answers, I’d be happy to receive them – including links to
research and contacts in these organizations.

Mikael Schoonover says:

Rex kwondo! Break the wrist walk away

hinano316 says:

Nice work!

tfhssn says:

Fuck America

kookiesprinkles says:

What are some good tactical pens. I was looking at the uzi pen with the
glassbreaker end. Would that be good or might there be a better one? Im
looking under 50$. Thanks. Great vid by the way!

Vbudo says:


theminutemonth says:

so what im learning is, stay totally self aware, recognize whats happening,
and react appropriately to that event. most importantly, STAY AWARE, its so
damned easy to lose awareness in a fight. you have to have to have to have
to, a thousand times, stay self aware.

Wael Abdelgawad says:

Good stuff, thanks.

attlee2010 says:

Just the tip

snapcountsucks says:

Actually you’re wrong. After G.S.W. to the head it tends to make you
hyper-vigilant. Add to that years of Martial arts and being a former M.P. I
think i’ll react just fine. That looked like a U.S.T.A. flag on the back
right wall, is it?

Barry Newman says:

Escape not xcape

098firechicken says:

@newtubetubetube in your dreams. want to spar? what’s your location?

098firechicken says:

when’s the last time someone attacked anyone by grabbing their wrist? and
why not just knee him in the nuts or just switch hands with the pen and
stab him in the face with it?

LordHello, says:

The Bloke has a gun on him, couldn’t he just grab that and shoot him?

RevolverPhantom says:

Good stuff. I recently ordered a pen like the one shown to use as a self
defense tool for until I turn 21 and can obtain a CCW permit for a handgun,
but even after that I intend to keep the pen on me for a less-lethal
option. It’s good to see examples of how the pen can be utilized and it’s
impressive how much can be done with a couple inches of pen sticking out of
your fist.

imjustlivin says:


usoltzev says:

Don’t be pathetic.. If he will use knife or pistol against not-armed thug,
he will spent enough years in prison after that

stompySharpNpointy says:

minus slash anything you can do with FMA knife techniques you can do with a

blackjackomfg says:

I dont care who you are your not catching anyone’s punches…

3Pillers says:

Thanks – lots of great techniques here to pick from and practice. A pen,
even a cheap plastic one, is one of many things can be a defense weapon of
opportunity when caught off guard. G Bowes

stompySharpNpointy says:

thats were practice comes in. “Its not the master who does 1000 technique
that i fear, its the novice who practices one technique 1000 times i fear”
Bruce Lee

gort1961 says:

great techniques…BUT, for the novice under the adrenaline dump it would
be easier to just hold the kobotan in your hand and flail away. getting hit
with the tiny end of the device will hurt like a mofo and believe me,
trying to remember a complicated technique like these is best left to those
who train under the adrenalin dump. Still, great techniques

fenderJRtelecaster says:

Thanks for the vid, these tactical pens are great weapons if you know how
to use them and their legal, I’m looking to buy the fox mil-tac tactical
pen or the CRKT Tao pen

Evolcanova says:

Or james Bond

fenderJRtelecaster says:

@newtubetubetube yeah 😛 I just settled for a Staedtler permanent compact
marker, I make use of it in the day and I know how to use it thanks to
martial arts training to decent effect if I must, but I only use weapons if
I’m faced with them, prefer a good old fist fight if I’m honest ;D

tibbe661 says:

Most of this you can do without the pen thats how i have learn it

706d says:

I see very few times where a tactical pen is useful. Id rather have a
knife, and knives are acceptable to bring into most places.

EthanD1997 says:

Super deadly self defence techniques using super deadly weapons such as
pens, pencils, and small twigs.

Torrey Morgan says:

I hate these videos. Like your really gonna connect, twist and attack that
fast when it happens. Its all crap. Its like that scene in bruno lol. That
guy has no idea what he was talking about.

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