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Survival Skills 101-Wrist Locks for Self-Defense with Ari Bolden Knazan

Ari Bolden Knazan is the owner of Submissions 101 and one of the top night club security men in the industry. Ari has used the…


Vicky Walker says:

Ty enjoyed learning a lot

theghostisdead says:

A person has to be careful applying this techniques it exposes your sternum
or chest a blow with the elbow will paralyze a person! Just something to
look out for… Great Video!

Reality Survival says:

Great Demo!

daniel avila says:

Gooseneck lock by yourself hard to pull off but with partner it could work
one distracts while other goes for lock

bornfedslaughter says:

I didn’t know he was a fucking Canadian! Unsubscribe.

masterblastertkd says:

Really? A fraud? Just curious, but is that based on fact or rumors? I
wonder what Keith Owen thinks about that… Keith Owen is a Pedro Sauer
black belt, so if you are calling Ari a fraud, sounds like you’re calling
Keith a fraud as well. Are you?

tbnice1966 says:

not bad watch wally jay for the real details also

Submissions101 says:

Joe: The art you are referring to was what I called my goshin style at my
school (Ryu Bu Kan). My Goshin instructor is Steve Hiscoe. I was wearing my
JJJ BB when I first made my instructionals. I never claimed to be a BJJ BB.
I never had a red bar on my belt. The internet made the jump, not me. I
decided to continue my training under Eddie and then Keith. I am not
looking for an internet ‘fight’ but I’d be more than happy to have a civil
conversation rather than reading slanderous comments.

MyNinja619 says:

Wrist stretches!

zing0a0ding says:

That last one made me wince… Good video!

RockZord says:

I don’t think you realize just how much those techniques hurt. Keep in mind
also they’re designed to escort the individual with minimal damage to both
parties, and normally the one being escorted is drunk or otherwise
intoxicated. Placing yourself in the position ari does both makes it hard
to punch (He’s behind you, no power) and impossible to kick (He’s too
close). Very effective techniques. Don’t kid yourself. These techniques
hurt like hell, and pain is an excellent motivator.

tumpaijohn says:

It’s good to show some basic self defense tactics like this. But, good
thing your good at bjj because it could get squirmy if you are not good at
setting these up. Good hand fighting would help.

insertmindhere says:

This video is more useful than the 5 day mandatory course for club security
that we have here in the UK. Thanks

MySurvivalSkills101 says:

Hey I’m not going to put up with any shenanigans on my page. Go over to
Ari’s page and hassle him or go on a forum. This is my Survival Page and it
will remain drama free. I will block people if I have to. Have a nice day

Yutaka Hosokoawa says:

VERY easy to escape! but works well with drunks.. and by the way; some of
the best fighters ive ever seen, never wore a blackbelt!

Tom omeara says:

I think perhaps Disable the comments section sir .keep up the good work

Submissions101 says:

Since you don’t have a real name, I cannot address you by it. I obviously
didn’t purchase a belt from Keith or anyone else. It is simply slander and
conjecture by your part making that claim. Please provide your source for
this statement.

Rak Chazak says:

Great video, its great seeing each of you post on each others channels. Ive
used this technique back in my bar days. It works, you get them walking out
on tippy toes in no time. Keep them coming!

Mongoosemcqueen says:

Why is there so much hate in the BJJ community? And why is there such an
enormous gap in belt standards in BJJ? I appreciate that you are trying to
keep things at a certain standard by monitoring who promotes who and
lineage, but I’ve seen Brown Belts from some “good” schools get owned by
every blue belt from a “non lineage” school so I wonder if all this really
matters at all. BJJ is headed the way of other Martial Arts by having an
emphasis on Belts. Its already been watered down massively.

MySurvivalSkills101 says:

Ari is real good!

TheGjjfan says:

Good techniques and clear instruction. Ari’s Headlocks & Haymakers DVD is
great for these techniques.

Aron M. says:

Or u could just kick him in the balls

Michael Wasem says:

Don’t feed the trolls and haters. These pussies are likely whitebelts at
best, Ari. Your videos are dope. Keep up the good work.

Bill McFarlane says:

I prefer the behind the back gooseneck myself, such as they use in law
inforcement. Standing beside the guy you’re just asking him to come acroos
with the free arm.

ConditionLefty says:


Submissions101 says:

Joe, we’ve never met.You simply can’t speak to the issue of ‘me getting
killed´╗┐ by white belts.’ That’s an asinine statement to make and only
posted here to ‘get me going somehow.” I see what you are doing here. If
you want to have a civil conversation then I am all for it.I am not a world
champ but the limited footage you’ve seen of me from a few years back is
not a basis for ‘how things are.’ I encourage you to keep training. I know
I am. Perhaps we will meet one day. That would be a start.

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