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Subscriber Mail & Self Defense Training! : July 26, 2014

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Francesca Marisa says:

if anyone hasn’t met meg, she is exactly the same in real life as in her
videos, i’ve met a few gurus in real life, and it was a relief to know how
genuine she is, love you meg<3

Rachel Baldwin says:

can you and Anthony make a whole separate video on self defense? I feel
like it would be extremely helpful to everyone

Luci'sMommy! says:

On ur beauty channel u should actually do a full video of u doing acrylic
nails , step by step from beginning to end .

GirlyFrame says:

I loved that this video was long because I watched it while I did my makeup
and I didn’t have to look for more than 1 video to watch, if that makes
sense haha

Alexandra Meier says:

listening to you read your subscriber mail is boring!

Haylee Love says:

under the 301.. 😀 

Gina Marie says:

Do The Bean Boozled Challege!

Kimberly Enid says:

Are you and Anthony living together now? 

palmtreeparadisee says:

Am I the only one who actually enjoys Meg’s subscriber mail? I think it’s
really sweet to hear what her subscribers think and feel about her and how
much of an impact Meg has made on their lives. It makes me happy to see Meg
happy from reading her subscriber mail. I think Meg should keep doing her
subscriber mail this way instead of making a separate video for it. Either
way, I’m still going to watch all of her videos because I love to watch
them 🙂 I love you, Meg! <3

Kari Serrano says:

A tutorial on how you do your nails? 

Christina Hanna says:

wait. what did Anthony say before mackenzie said yes i am free country?

Silver Pixie says:

I like you but….why do you have to destroy letters when you open them!? I
think it’s not nice for who is writing to you

Lorena Castillo says:

Was that the friend that everybody said looked like a mom? 

himissanna says:

Meg, you should subscribe to nature box since they’re mostly healthy

DailyAnni says:

hahahaha i loved the last parts with the self defense training :D

alexisbelon says:

Care to see the daily vlogs of a curly headed New York girl? Peep my
channel! Love & light to you & yours Meg & Anthony!

Carmen Chirinos says:

Meg you NEED to try Herbalife. It’s a perfect way for you to have a healthy
snack as well as a tasty snack. It’s seriously perfect for you, you can
make smoothies!

& you should do a truth or dare challenge 

Beauty Love says:

Hello everyone please subscribe I’m a new YouTuber !!! I’m horrible at
filming but please check me out? Maybe subscribe?!?!?

Jahara says:

Honestly I just skip past the subscriber mail part. It’s so boring. 

fashionwithpassion says:

You are the inspiration for my videos! Please thumbs up so meg could see
this! :)

Jennie Mofford says:

Has anyone noticed at 24:30 something flies across the screen from the
kitchen to the front room when Meg is up against the wall and grabs
Anthony’s fingers? May be a bug, but it’s an awful big bug for them to not

AMommysLife says:

Those self defense moves were pretty good and helpful!:)

beauxbeautyy says:

Okay for all of you who keep asking if her and Anthony are living together
yes they’re she said it on twitter today. 

33jazzygirl says:


Heather Cubrilo says:

You and Anthony are so cute

Humera S says:

Don’t beauty gurus have to be…well pretty? :/ You look so different
without make-up

Alyssa Ann says:

You should do the Oreo challenge! 

nmfirelover says:

You should give your home goods gift card away to one of your loyal
viewers. Share the love.

Rhiannon Sweeney says:

I would love to see more self defence videos, they really benefitted me
with a lot of recent crime happening where I stay I feel a lot safer
knowing what to do to get away. 

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