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Store Clerk Arrested After Stabbing Man

A New York store clerk was arrested after stabbing a man in self-defense. It happened at a bodega in Harlem. Police say a young mom tried to buy a bag of chips for her daughter but her card was rejected. Her boyfriend came bursting into the store and shoved Jose Alba. Video shows Alba getting pummeled until he grabs a knife, fatally stabbing the man. Alba’s bail was set at $250,000 until it was reduced to $50,000. He was released after spending six days on Rikers island.


SCG says:

That prosecutor needs to be in that prison! Better yet a dirt nap!

Mememeep64 says:

Poor chap! He didn’t even want to answer any questions, how traumatised he must have been!

Amanda Cornelius says:

why didn’t the boyfriend just pay for the chips like a normal person? wth 🤦‍♀️

Kennita Hall says:

Put the girlfriend in jail she made a big deal about some chips. Now yo man dead and child fatherless what a pity.

food lover says:


sounduser says:

I read the woman stabbed alba. What was she charged with?


Clearly self defense.

Jessie Itown says:

Charge the girlfriend with starting it,hope she's proud of herself

STONEDemox420 says:

Bro got stabbed in a Amiri shirt those shirts usually go for hundreds to a thousand dollars 🤷‍♂️

Beth 0520 says:

I'm so confused so he went to jail for defending himself smfh what a justice system we have

papa snook says:

Time to stab the DA?

Alex D says:

We need more people like this

Helbot says:

wtf is up with the us

Miguel Rayos says:

The guy came up and immediately pushed the old man and kept coming at him to a point that they were in a bind. The customer was clearly the aggressor, the old man was justified in his fear. You have to take into account his age he's likely in his 60s or 70s one wrong slip could possibly be lethal for him, this isn't murder.

YGaming says:

Bidens America

iBenNguyening says:

BLM was happy with this decision

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