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Sports Bar Brawl Turns Deadly

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fitofunkiss says:

The way he is trying to put him up is just insane!!

Richard Jones says:

All of the " Rules of Stupid " were broken here.
Also don't bring a bottle to a gunfight.

T says:

So glad this didn’t have volume when the 3 hysterical women entered the scene bellowing and whaling.

Mr. Phil says:

Always watch how people hold their drinks he had that bottle in his hand like he was going to use it as a weapon for a good 30 seconds before the attack

sagramore1 says:

Welcome to the island of death baby. The island with the highest rate of murder per capital by firearm. And also one with the most stringent gun control laws.

TheSunnycal says:

The original shooter was making sure he took his beer with him after killing someone,shows what level of ignorant animal brain humans are walking the streets among us.

Wayne Smith says:

Ok then, stay out of Puerto Rico, got it John.

PurpleMonster👿 says:

Damn!!! I bet (And I bet the one that got the beer bottle to his face and the friend with him) can't believe some guy comes out of nowhere and starts shooting at their backs. What a bunch of BS. That guy is a cold blooded murderer, straight up!! After He learns of the facts in the case, it's oops??? GTFOH. He murdered a totally innocent person that was defending themselves. He knows his cousin is a troublemaker and a bully and obviously someone with a temper. You think that maybe He did something to someone? Geez Louise!!

C C says:

This is actually one of my biggest fears of using a gun as self defense in a public place. Some other carrier could easily mistake you for a bad guy cause all they saw was one guy shooting another guy and to them that looks like murder

Doug Foster says:

Absolutely the guy should be charged. This is how Kyle rittenhouse could have ended. Dude was assaulted with a deadly weapon, took out a gun to defend himself and he got shot by some moron who probably thought he was a bad guy

FrankeeZee says:

You can tell the way he was holding the beer shit was about to go down.

Curtis Szymczyk says:

Fun was had by all!

Ron 556 says:

They were family too. What a mess.

Jack Kelley says:

Before you seek revenge, dig two graves.

Shawn knight says:

This family now has 2 bodies to bury sigh, what a sad mess.

Negus Ali says:

Hey John the Baptist. It's Jus Us

Trevor Nash says:

Really dumb people

Culture Kanzler says:

I’m glad you said must I. Taking a life is a serious matter and should always be last resort of if your life is in immediate danger

jared schwarz says:

Probably justify it? Lol definitely justified. What was his alternative letting the guy take his gun and try to hurt and kill more people?

Tow Doctor says:

8:20 goes and gets his drink because he wants no part of this.

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