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Speeches of Malcolm X about Self Defense

This video is about racism, police brutality and other discriminations towards Black people and to see how Malcolm X spoke about it years ago.


TruthMust Prevail says:

MalcolmX just like many Black leaders supported Russia. When they said they
white man, they were referring to white-America, not white-Russia
Russia never slaved the Black people

Tania Bently says:

Wait…. so the nation of Islam bombed his house??????

RealKidNasa says:

No justice for black America

v stella says:

LOL peaceful people my ass!!!

beentrillv says:


dionfortune100 says:

Chilling and accurate words… echoing through time. Unfortunately a Deacons
of Defense like group would stand no chance again the military grade
weapons they have now. We need a revolution that removes both corporate
parties and starts anew, regardless of the upheaval. 

Monica Hurley says:

Dollabillzs you are children of yakub !!# 666!!# go read of your history
you aren’t human at All!!# get your ass out of the stolen land you are
sitting your dumb ass on now!!!#get your cave ass back up in mountains
whence you came out of the belly of the Beast Satan yakub! 

Monica Hurley says:

First all we never asked to come here! Caucus caveman and cavewoman!! Get
your asses and go directly back to the caucuousmountains !!# where you were
in caves pissing and shitting on yourselves !! Your devil white history is
written in Bloodshed!!!! You are zeroed out !! 

Cedric Mayfield says:
Kemetic Prince says:
Gatluak kher Juach says:

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