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Situation In Dayton Ended Quickly By Responding Officers

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Bradford D says:

Shot 30 times!? Wow that guy was definitely hopped up on some stuff.

Sir Thomas Walton says:

The police was all ready there this is old news they was parked on that corner too were the gunman got shot there was cops all over the place that night it happened on my birthday August 4, 2019 I think that district is kind of a party strip were everyone goes to party on the weekends.

ticker says:

Sack of garbage..Good riddance. Earth is a better place now. Great work by the officers.

Brian Kopp says:

Is it good thing the cops were there already it's unfortunate every good man there didn't have a firearm maybe he would kill less people or at least men they're ready to die instead of women

Shel Nunya AT says:

Thx for sensitivity to waiting to cover this and getting all the right info.

Rage Fury says:

His agenda was to promote violence against upper class people with power and control. His target was our societal structure as a whole. His execution was to go on a murder spree against random, innocent people – none of who may have been directly part of his contempt. Ultimately this man sought terror and chaos, and had no regard for human life.
Anyone who are willing to go this far truly has no stance in anything but their own intent to do harm. If anything, whatever political, religious or ideological thing they claim to stand for will just breed further conflicts between us for this one man's actions.
So in our self-defense, we always have to look at evil for what it is, and never what they say they are.

greekatso says:

People like that shouldn't even get the honor of having a funeral, all those poor victims that fell to this scums violence.

mrloonytoon360 says:

Good job officers 👍

Troy Anderson says:

Those officers are heroes !

JBT Cajun says:

Shot 30 times and they want to limit to 10 rounds.
Prof for the need for large magazines

Macario arthur Loza says:

And they say mexico is dangerous hahaha yeah right this problem is world wide baby…..

Page Nelson says:

Thumbs down for political opinion

Phill Smith says:

Antifa scum. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇦🇺

Dwight K. Schrute says:

he was running into the building after all those people. if those officers hadn't been there it would have been much worse. true heroes

Anis Khan says:

kudos to Police wow

KAG 2020 says:

But left-wing so called news media and their party keep saying that all guns are evil and that cops are evil too!
That's why they're fake news! The democrat party and their media can care less about mass shootings, what they really care about is undoing our 2A and the whole US Constitution for that matter. They want a one world government where the masses are enslaved to be obedient to our masters!

john plaid says:

Conner Betts murdered his brother and his boyfriend. Jordan Cofer Betts became Megan Betts. That's her with the big tah tahs. I think that's what set him off. Another Adolph Hitler stupid enough to think you can bend the world to what you think it should be.

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