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Sheriff's Deputy Defends Himself On A California Freeway

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Nick Sanchez says:

Ahh yes my hometown still the same

William Zee says:

What kind of person would ask if it was necessary to shoot? Oh…yea forgot ….Biden voters…snowflake sheep against guns. This is California also….that explains the nutcase drug infested nutcase.

Chris Mendez says:

I actually live close to that and it's super windy in that area so gun was the best also it gets 130 here with heat poor dogs feet could've been burned

Pinto Rage says:

I disagree with deploying the dog onto a freeway with no traffic control.

I SEE You says:

HUmmmm..OC spray or 9mm? 9mm

Michael Chandler says:

Bullshit, let the dog out, tazer or pepper. Pussy cop! Fight the guy and take him down. No training?

snowmin kankles says:

I mean I’m not saying you shouldn’t shoot but maybe don’t shoot him 6 times straight in the chest. Like even if it was one shot and then waiting and then pumping 5 into him if he keeps coming I understand but it’s not really like a good thing to take somebody’s life you know

Chad says:

I bet he didn’t deploy the dog because of it being on the high way

lucifer morningstar says:

one shot and back up not 6 shots come on

Sean Woodburn says:

Mike brings a lot to the table.
Thanks for that.

I don't think I would have deployed K9. A tire iron is a SERIOUS force multiplier. Hard call.
I suspect that the officer had K9's safety in mind and was hoping to descalate the situation.

Any thoughts?


This cop was not only in danger for his life but he was waiting for this moment to kill someone all his life 😅

jerryrigger says:

Officer was spot on in his actions, and was not willing to risk his partn9life on the freeway.

Goodie247 says:

I bet these 2 guys wouldn’t be so confident that this was a “good shoot” if the guy with the pipe was black. Since it’s a white guy the cop did everything right and is basically a hero.

Romi Frentescu says:

6 shots is excessive you have to be cruel person to rapidly shoot somebody this many times he didn't even have time for his body to react to the first shot that was a straight up homicide. Sorry not sorry.

Skip Watson says:

Suicide by cop.

Stan says:

On the officer not utilizing the K9. If I had to guess, I would say it's a mix of, the size of the suspect, and the fact that they are in the middle of the highway.
Let's say he sicks the dog on the suspect and he decides to bolt into the middle of the road. Now you've put your K9 partner and whoever is driving by at that moment, in danger.

Distro says:

He the guy dropped the iron and was on his way down after the 2nd shot why the other 4

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