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Seriously Sketchy Firearm Use In Gas Station Lot

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Mike H says:

That dude that died was definitely going to sucker punch the security guard. 100% The security guard knew it and wasn't taking any chances.

Ooni Oomphs says:

The guard seemed undisturbed about just killing someone…like he’s used to it.

kim campbell says:

Unbelievably stupid. What was this guy thinking.

AKULA689 says:

I'm guessing 2 maybe 3 charges, I'll bet if jury trial 15 minutes deliberation on each charge or 30 minutes tops guilty of all charges! What this guy did was nothing less than cold blooded murder! I feel sorry for defense attorneys that get this one….

Demahn says:

Yawn. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You can't threaten people and expect to come out unharmed. Then he charged at the security guard and got shot. No one pulled a gun until the threat was imminent.

soldatheero says:

Kyle Rittenhouse checked the guys vitals after shootin

900FAM says:

Thats why Canadas gun laws save lives. You have to take classes and do background checks etc.. Basically you can not be an idiot and get the right to have a gun. The guard should definitely get time for shooting and killing a random dude and i hope dude has some family in jail to clean the guard up.

iTs Rob says:

We have no clue what was said and I guarantee there’s more to this story.

Rest and Relaxation says:

I hate seeing a bad shoot, but learning from them helps everyone keep from being part of one… on both sides of the gun no less.

Rural Legends TV says:

Yea thats definitely murder. Ya can't just shoot someone cuz they pissed you off. Security guard probably mad he didn't make it in the police academy.

Funkafella01 says:

This was racially motivated, just like the man that killed a guy in his car and was convicted of murder because he didn’t like the loud rap music.

To make matters worse he doesn’t even try to help him. He’s probably thinking I finally “got one”.

Dustin Vanravenswaay says:

I wonder what song was playing? That definitely set this whole thing off

Albert Green says:

I love you John but you are wrong. That man obviously intended to hurt the other guy. I have had thugs walk at me at this angle before. It's just subterfuge.

It's obvious who the good guy and the bad guy are in this situation. Your comment about less lethal options are extremely prudent in this situation however one of these two men was going to die here and I'm glad it was the thug, not the guy protecting people from thugs.

Snorlaxxin says:

Obviously an asshole. Hopefully he gets sentenced. Music doesn’t justify shooting a man in the face

evongreiff1 says:

How little value is placed on someone’s life! Unbelievable!!

Cary Stallings says:

Straight up murder.

Thomas Lopez says:

This is straight up murder.

Shaun says:

Last video you say beware of surroundings, which is it. YES shoot the fool. Walking towards someone aggressively while they have a gun on you. Come on he would have attacked.

Robert Sims says:

Armed security at a gas station? Probably a ruff area. But that being said, dude must have been dealing with so much trash he finally snapped. Hope they throw the book at him. Makes the rest of us look bad.

Grand Am says:

Cold blooded murder. He wasn't a threat at all. The guard premeditated that he was going to shoot him. He needs life in prison. Scary ass.

Bet My Name Spooked You says:

Hope that guard rots in prison, rest in power to that man who was senselessly killed.

BOs BIL says:

This security officer might be completely out of his mind🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡.. He just commit a murder😳😳😳 he has to go prison at least 30 year🤔🥶🥶🥶

Jairo Chama says:

On the other hand. If someone pulls a gun on you, always assume he's going to use it. Be it a good or bad guy. A human body never hurts a bullet.

Clay Pomeroy says:

An ACTUAL REDRUM of an unarmed black dude!!!

Curtis Strickland says:

I am surprised that my city mass murder Memphis is not on this YouTube channel more than it is they out there in the streets killing each other all day everyday but nobody's caring about that but all of a sudden this s*** matters security guard was wrong all the way around but if everybody wasn't so aggressive around here maybe there'd be a few less lives lost either way I'm staying strapped especially in part of Memphis I live in Shelby Drive look alive

Albert Green says:

I want to wish the security guard good luck. No one needs to wait until someone grabs your gun and fights you before you can defend yourself.

Thanks for taking out the trash.

Cut The BllShit says:

Hope this security guard is on suicide watch bc he's going away for a long time. That was a criminal act on his behalf, IMO.

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