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Self Defense Triangle Choke

Here’s how to apply the triangle choke in a self defense or MMA setting when someone is trying to hit you. An excerpt from


melonhead849 says:

Thanks, i had my first competition yesterday. I caught the guy in a triangle but I didn’t have the angle right so I didn’t finish. He won by points. This helps!

Mick T says:

great info, but mate surrender to your head of hair and shave it off and join the skin head club lol.

robittiget says:

Man everyone’s commenting on this guys hair. I want to say some shit like how it’s irrelevant to the content of the video but damn I can’t stop thinking how much this guy likes his hair. Very interesting details on the triangle tho, all jokes aside

RB12 RB12 says:

You guys talking shit about this mans hairline don’t know shit about what you’re talking about. His hairline is intentionally undesirable to look at, hence captivating our attention with it. Any advasary would feel the same, thus focusing attention on that atrocity of a hairline. Which, opens up submissions. That man is on another level. That disaster above his eyes and ears should be praised and replicated.

Umar Raja says:

Thank you. Excellent technical points to think about. Very impressed with the note on proportionate and appropriate level of response to attack. Ooss.

Travis Crawford says:

In a SD situation controlling your opponent(attackers) hands against strikes is important but think of it as not letting them access their beltline where tools generally are kept. And by tools I mean knives, guns, etc. Hand control is paramount in defense situations, he gets to his knife or gun while you are trying to triangle him, you are dead. Control hands, choke his ass out, de-ass the area asap

Dwayne Kittelson says:

Every time I try this the hair on the top of my head gets in the way, do I have to do it EXACTLY like the video?

Jim Pula says:

Tap out to baldness

levenway says:

really good!! thank Stephen

Nice Somers says:

This was amazing thank you

Aidan Deville says:

Good video. But seriously I really want to know why he keeps his hair that way. Is there a reason he refuses to shave it? Does he actually like his hair? Does he hate the thought of being bald so much that he refuses to shave it despite the fact that he’s already 60% bald? If he likes his hair then more power to him but I have just got to know

tie oneon says:

has to be said again and again REALLY GOOOD THANKS GUYS!

MrLemonzzzz says:

Came for the triangle, stayed for the hair.

S2MH says:

It comes a time in a man's life where one needs to know when to let go. That time has come, my friend.

Scooby G says:

I know you're holding on to every strand of hair for dear life, but It looks like you were scalped. SHAVE TIME.

melonhead849 says:

You guys are all worried about his hair.. would you say that to your instructor? He’s giving us good info, who the hell cares lol

Ass Bread says:

Stephan, you must share with him the art of baldness.

Rasmus Nyman says:

shave yourself

TheLakabanzaichrg says:

Never would have thought of doing a tringle from that position.

Shahin Amir says:

Wha's up with your hair bro

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