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Self Defense Tips: A Recipe for Unarmed Defensive Skills | Personal Defense Network

Students often ask firearms instructors which martial arts they should learn in order to be prepared to defend themselves. Rob Pincus provides self defense tips and advises students to seek…


Mike Reis says:

I like your break down, but Muay Thai is also a “sport” type system and
really there are several arts out there that more principle based like the
FMA they teach hand-to-hand, knife, stick, and even some longer weapons
that would be more like a machete which is something that has been used in
some crimes.

I would say to find someone with a more practical look at the science and
psychology of fighting, people like Tony Blauer, Marc MacYoung, Rory
Miller, Doug Marchaida and even look to people like Damon Ross for
combative Judo and Jujitsu with the CQC way of doing things. You can also
find good practical stuff with Fernan Vargas, Al Dacascos, Lee Morrison,
and Kelly McCann. Just as long as people realize MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav
Maga, and JKD aren’t the only things out there that function well. The
problem with most people they don’t understand or want to see the benefit
of an art.

It’s like someone coming in and getting their beginners lessons with a
pistol and then saying they’re good enough with firearms to hang with
operators like SWAT or SEALs or Rangers or anyone else on a different level
of knowledge and skill.

mn4vidz says:

Japanese Jiu-Jitsu will teach y0u everything y0u need t0 kn0w , that is
where Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (0nly a fracti0n 0f the Japanese Jiu-jitsu but
became p0pular c0’z 0f UFC t0 be h0nest) came fr0m 

SurvivalReality says:

kind of a shame they dissolved but Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) is(was) a
great reality based / Street fighting method.

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:

Thankfully there’s quite a bit of gyms opening up offering both striking
and grappling due to the popularity of MMA.

divemor says:

For the conditions you describe I believe it’s worth taking a look a KRAV
MAGA, which was developed for the Israeli defense forces.

ZlGZ4G says:

VERY well put, Rob. As an aspiring martial artist, I agree completely with
everything in this video.

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