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Self Defense Techniques For Women

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Magur says:

If the attacker is strong or mildly tough, these tips will get a woman's ass thoroughly kicked.

ʀᴇxᴜs406 says:

Women are just sexist

aLeX GeNeSiS says:

am giving a THUMBS DOWN 👎 to this video just for these topic.

Maya millie McElroy says:

Why just for a woman

sachin amarath says:

Y stereotyping
The fuck
Defence for men?

im cool says:

I gell like he is sexist because he is saying that the attacker is going to be a guy

lb8825 says:

Nice video, also add heavy object to the head works!

Himangshu Sarma says:

Lol now u are giving a inspiration to all the BADASS kind of Womens to hit all the males..(Good ones)
Fraud Cases of Sexual harrasment were not enough to RUIN A MANS LIFE…. Now u are teaching them to RUIN OUR BALLS tooo😧

Hope they try ur Teachings back on u…😂😂😂
BTW I don't mean any offence to wemen….. I need my Balls n stuff safe..😓

Jaye Hawkins says:

Here we go. Feminist bullshit. Goddamnit.

The hardcore Gamer says:

if you hit them in the nose it can shoot up into the brain and killing them also hitting people in the adem's apple can kill them or if you hit hard enough you can collapse there air way

MeMe O. says:

I always go 4 the NUTS LOL

Neo Kookie says:

or just kik em in the balls?

Some Random guy says:

Good now I know what to look out for

Wolfey Dcdx17 says:

I bet the cuck narrating this would not say any of this if he was hit in the nuts

Rosewolf29 says:

I took self-defense and there was nothing but girls in the class. best class i ever took. i learned a lot of these movies, and as a girl, they can very helpful if done right. theres another trick to get away if an attacker pins you against a wall and has both hands on your throat. you run your hands along his until you find one you can lift up easily. lift it as high as you can. he won't be able to control his grip and keep the other fingers tightened if one is lifted. that should be able to give you enough room to strike him. this came in very handy for me once.

StrangeHappenings says:

My dad taught me a lot of really deadly fighting moves that are lethal, and desperate moves that are meant to severely injure or kill. And quick tactics like this. As he said, there is no dirty fighting when your lifes on the line. I also know of some pressure points.

Twoheaded Chicken says:

now i know what to watch out for when kidnapping women

i just want to get attacked by a feminist

Rick Harrison says:

Man I wished this worked for men

Noscope Hokage says:

man: leans on wall far away and glances over
woman: punches in throat

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