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Crazy Firearm Use From Surprise, Arizona

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Mike M says:

What the heck!!!

Flyboy1776 says:

I would have floored it but not in reverse.

Cheng Lee says:

XXXL Jean shorts, requires level 10 gangster to wear.

caddi bronze says:

That driver is not so smart.

Tyla B says:

That hesitation tho

None of Thee above says:

Was the guy driving a Prius? Jeez get the hell out of there in a hurry

adrian ugalde says:

Fuck that i would have ran that fuck over… Dead like a bug on my bumper…

Jack Burnett says:

I would have punched the gas in drive and crushed me MF the second he stepped in front of my car with a gun. The only reason the driver wasn't shot was because the bad guy didn't shoot through his windshield.

Gabriel says: another offduty cop in brazil, make a video about this one

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