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Self defense technique. Sila partera. Sambo academy #Shorts #sambo #judo #grappling #bjj

How to defend yourself in the street? If you want to see my life and get answers to your questions at once 📩, subscribe to my Instagram @ivanvasylchuk_sp 😉 Leave your comment – that’s my best motivation for channel development and watch till the end. Become the best with the best! Ivan Vasylchuk – Sambo Academy 👉 subscribe 👉 Mission of the “SAMBO ACADEMY” project We strive to view sambo as an universal grappling style in order to achieve soul and body harmony. We think that an individual should improve in different aspects of life. We’d like to give any athlete proper development of speed, durability, patience, confidence and creative imagination. We collect and systemize the experience of the best athletes and coaches from all continents that anyone can learn from the best regardless of the geographical location Our projects aim various age categories and physical abilities. Using them will help you find solution for their troubled areas such as: mat grappling, stand up wrestling, psychology, food consumption, weight cut, referring… Also for people who’s only started Sambo as an athlete or a coach. Our most important goal is to make Sambo accessible in the world. Enough using old principles and habits! We’re not afraid of development and new things! __________________________________________________________________ #sambo #samboacademy #silapartera #sambovideo #самбо #bjj #sambovasylchuk #силапартера #самбо


Jorge Nakamura says:

As alavancas precisam de mais ajustes, mesmo derrubando ele empurra o joelho e gira no sentido da pressão

FuzzyVuzey says:

and break dont forget to break

Sunny S says:

As a 24 stone guy, I will use this if a 8 stone guy tries to grab me. I'm sure the knee on his belly afterwards will work aswell lol

Nidhish Shivashankar says:

Excellent technique. I hope your channel gets all the attention it deserves.

Cu Gutta says:

Nice. Gonna go practice on my son

fred azcarate says:


Thaddeus Karasu Romero says:

Ude Garami into Osoto Otoshi. Then an Uki gatame

Mr Wyck says:

Great instruction and useful movement

Лев Аперкот says:

Це харашо але поки ви будете згинати йому лікоть, а потім ще робити захват руки, вам прилетить прямий або боковий в бороду від його другої руки.

Joe B says:

I am looking real strong🥴

I meant to say Ivan looking real strong.

Ali Allahverdiev says:

thank you for the lesson 👍

RX says:

Greetings Ivan, always a pleasure watching your clips.
When do you think in a street approach, would it be more appropriate to rely on striking VS relying on wrestling skills?
Because strikes can be an easier method for escape, but can also make you face legal charges.
But, it's a crazy world, you never know what's hidden.
It would be great if you make a video explaining this.
Thank you👊

JudoMateo says:

That’s a truly fluid, and practical technique.

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