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Self Defense Tactics: Gun To Head Disarm

Need to know how to disarm someone with a gun to the head? This week on Don’t be a Victim, coach Jeremy shows you how to train to defend yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a gun pointed to the side of your head. It’s called a side attack. Learn the proper way to disarm the attacker within seconds, take possession of the gun, and escape with your life. Don’t Be a Victim! For more great gun carrier videos subscribe to our YouTube channel at Check out our awesome website Gun Prices & Guns For Sale, State Laws, Mods, Gallery, & Gun Dog Supplies and more at


A Thomas says:

His other hand was wide open to bash you when you did that "disarm" and real thug won't have his arms straight out like that either. Just an observation.

Bud Blakeman says:

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Truth Hertz says:

Shitty technique. Grab the barrel of the gun for control, clown. Then you can rip it out instantly. You're going to get someone killed.

Tony Yang says:

hey jeremy.. can show this video in a slow motion and very slow step by step?

Matt Peters says:

Why don't you say it a little gayer gay boy.

Andrew Smith says:

what would you do if the assailant is holding the gun with 2 hands

Archer Kam says:

Why don't I just make him pull the trigger and shoot his own head?

yewdontsay says:

What would you do to defend yourself from getting hit with his right fist (or if he has a knife) since you're in the inside arm (left arm with the gun)?

SomeDood says:

His grunting noises lmao 😂

Sanny Mondal says:

thanks thach this

Brian Keodara says:

Don't put your head in front of the gun smh

shanis81 says:

Can you do a scenario where he holds it lower?

OQN2 says:

how can you avoid that the weapon is not fire (accidentally or on pupose) by the guy and injure your hand when you hold the wepond?

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