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Self-Defense Tactics Every Woman Should Know

Eve Torres Gracie trains Lilly in self-defense, teaching her the importance of women having the ability and the right to defend themselves. A Little Late with Lilly Singh. Stream now on Peacock: Subscribe NOW to A Little Late with Lilly Singh: Watch A Little Late with Lilly Singh weeknights 1:35e/12:35c Get more A Little Late with Lilly Singh: LILLY SINGH ON SOCIAL Follow Lilly: Like Lilly: Follow Lilly: A LITTLE LATE WITH LILLY SINGH ON SOCIAL Follow A Little Late with Lilly Singh: Like A Little Late with Lilly Singh: Follow A Little Late with Lilly Singh: A Little Late with Lilly Singh features celebrity interviews, current events commentary, musical and sketch comedy, games, and more. Plus, you’ll find behind-the-scenes videos and other great web exclusives that combine a fresh take on the day’s events, pop culture, diversity and life. GET MORE NBC NBC YouTube: Like NBC: Follow NBC: NBC Instagram: NBC Tumblr: #LateWithLilly #LillySingh


Vijeyalakshmi S says:

Pls make more it's more enjoying and information, learn with enjoyment

Fida Fathima says:

Not lilly replying to the comments about her bi panic 💀💀

Poorvika says:

So moral of the story : Do. Not. Mess. With Lilly singh
She is armed with self defense and rage and she has a bawse belt

Sath Sah says:

♥♥3♥3♥3 Love it

Akash Pandya says:

Nothing personal and I am an honest critic's, I can't watch her. I love Trevor Noah. I love all those white man late night host but she is just horrible

She Her Hers M says:

I’m going to try this when my husband comes home

My cat says:

the 9 dislike's are from the principle of 9 indian school's

J B says:

I studied martial arts for years, starting in my 20ties, up through my 50ties. (Karate, Taekwondo, hopkido, Floor grappling, such as Gracie, as most street encounters end up on the ground and Taiji) The most valuable lessons for us women, keeping your wits about you, create distance, wherever possible. Drill self defense techniques, over and over and over, so they’re added to muscle memory, and become automatic. Remember to keep breathing. You may be the most trained martial artist in a dojo ( dojang, or gym) but out in the “real world” once attacked, the flight or freeze tendency will kick in, holding one’s breath can stop one from moving, which is why it’s important to have these techniques embedded in muscle memory. Oh, and ladies, while high kicks look super cool and flashy in the movies, in real life self defense they’re not necessary. A stomp across an instep, a sweep of the foot, a hard kick to the side of a kneecap ( ACL) a knee into the groin, ( though sometimes if a male attacker is really inebriated, believe it or not, he may not feel it) all these techniques will serve. Martial arts are great for kids, provided they’re enrolled in a good school. Where respect for each other, discipline, control, and real building of confidence are stressed.

Doveranalyst says:

Loved this.

Liyana says:

I want a lot more of thiss. So good!

Riya Sakshi says:

ok but how many mics do you even need?!

Octavia Diamond says:

Does lilly know who is in front of her right now like wtf

golden says:

I love Eve sooooo much I watched her back in wwe

shiva says:

Thank you so much 👏👏👏

OpahMillenium says:

as a lesbian… supporter .. hahah nope. I am one. I would be over the moon when I hugged the instructor's waist and wrist. (Reminding myself this is a self-defense video not simping over a hot instructor)

Sandhya Desai says:

Lilly, you're hilarious, smart, inspirational, talented, hard-working, and have such a good heart ! I love your videos and your late-night show, and I can't wait to see you in ever expanding film and television projects ! You always make me laugh and smile. I have enjoyed your volgs too, but in my unsolicited opinion, you should stop doing them. You share SO much of your life, besides dating, and really, it seems unhealthy for your or anyone to expose so much of their personal life to complete strangers. You're an entertainer, and some of your art might be personal, but these vlogs are just too invasive into your personal life. I have enjoyed watching them, but it perpetuates an un-real "friendship" between viewers and you. In a quest to be authentic, it's actually very superficial in a sense. Maybe, it's something you might want to do once in a while, but this daily, almost daily, even weekly vlog is just too much for anyone's mental and emotional health. Entertainment is real, of course, but fame is not, and the vlog just blurs the lines of reality too much. Your comedy sketch videos are hilarious !!! Please stick with those ! (until you start doing only television and film) 🙂

Swift Mew says:

Me: ooh I’m interested
Sees who the guests are: oh I’ve met them
Next realization: I’ve been training there for the past five years and I already know the basics 😀

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