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Self-defense shooting: carjacking ends when retired NYPD cop kills armed suspect

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no9008 says:


Caleb Odeleye says:

His parents are so stupid, its not like you cant just leave work

Involve says:


Ivan Damico says:

“Not OUR baby, he’s a GOOD boy, it was a conspiracy, a RACIST POLICEMAN
shooting an UNARMED black teen then planting a gun…what’s that? The
policeman was black too? Then it was an ECONOMIC INEQUALITY that made him
shoot my boy….My baby would NEVER carry a gun or carjacking…what’s
that? It’s caught on security cameras? He was FORCED to do it by older
boys, gangsters who threatened to kill his family if he didn’t carjacking
someone, and they gave him a gun”. Gee just think, if we had strict gun
control, the kid would have killed the cop and gotten away!

whenindoubtdo says:

“Ocampo’s parents are in disbelief and claim that their son couldn’t have
been the carjacker because he was suppose to be at work.”

With such intelligent parents, I can’t imagine why their son turned out
that way.

flatshade says:

action and reaction.

walid lector says:

Seriously if it had been a white person cop or not, whole different story.

walid lector says:

Serves him right.. WHY don’t you talk about racism in this case?

Sista WithRealHair says:

Oooooooh well…
Better him, then an innocent man
sitting in his car making a honest living!

This was not his first car jacking, but now it’s his last!

NightWolfXVI says:

That was his work parents. 

Juan Olivier says:

He got what he deserved. 

Jazzfather says:

Wooooow its the parents to blame….

Moses Jakur says:

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

maximus sparticus says:

Little shit deserved it

Gabriel Yoo says:

I think you have to be a pretty cold person, if you are able to shoot a
child in the heart, even if he has robbed you and you feel angry. He was
leaving, so the cop could have just called the police or shot him in the
arm. The kid obviously had a bad childhood, and it had nothing to do with
his race.

KittyNight Mare says:

Wrong job to be at

Ron Lovell says:

Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Idiot had a choice in life and he chose crime
Where I live three kids decided to mug a photographer on the street for his
camera equipment, but this particular photographer was fresh out of the
Marine Corps.
In the scuffle he ended up shooting two dumb asses, with their own gun, and
beat the hell out of the idiot that was holding the gun.

Johnny Snipes says:


Minn Lin says:

if he was at work then the bullets must not be from the guy that shot that
other person. maybe he works with bullets that jump.

Mega ManX says:

my child a good child, he go to school and get straight A’s

carlos toro says:

Yes he was at work (he didn’t said what kind of work)

Case D says:

Poor desperate kid, just trying to get some money. Say what you want, but
he wouldn’t have done that if he had decent opportunities in his life.

Bee Xiong says:

Guess wat lady, ur sons a thief n that’s wat he gets for trying to gta
someone. Stupid nigger‼️

Shekh Sajjad says:

Well done ex officer..

Nick Fredericks says:


xtrnext says:

Tomonews? Some product placement there from Subway? Hmm…

John Michel says:

3rd…. You’re it!

Alexsandro Izarraras says:


Mark D says:

He was working not walking! #dumbass

xtrnext says:

Hmm-other Americans do the same thing in Pakistan and Yemen…

Jared Janzen says:

It All Makes Sense Now… That Retired Officer Is Rick Ross’ Dad.

MrPent9295 says:

Glad that nigger is dead.

the50calkiller says:

i like how he has a hoodie and the little kid pictures.

250cent10 says:

Why do american’s just shoot thief’s when they try to rob them.. life is
not an action movie! What if things had gone wrong, then the tables would
have turned.

stoovidular says:

Dumb parents

Forest Settin says:

He was suppose to be at work, so he COULDN’T have been the carjacker? What
is it with black parents and trying to defend their scum children when
justice gets served. 

David Smith says:


bbcaaat says:

I hope he didn’t put any holes in his Benz. Good for him, creeps don’t
expect to be challenged.

captainbillshatner says:

It is amazing how far some nigs can run after they’re shot. 

frick poo says:

hahahhahahahahahahahhahah he be doin werks nows. stupid ape.

K Padua says:

Stupid stupid stupid 

world traveler says:

he WAS at work, this is how he makes a living. or I mean… how he used to
make a living. seems he lost his job now.

GrimTheCrow says:

Sponsored by Subway and citigo!

CaptainOfTheCrapShak says:

Funny how everyone has a gun

SHINE box JESUS says:

hahah another one bits the dust awesome

mrsleepy madser says:

and that why citizen should not be arm so the carjacker can take your car
and life with out the risk of his life .
am out rage and think we should band guns so no one gets killed like this
poor young man . I hope they make buying guns a lot harder so young 18 year
man can not buy one at his local gun store .

MrMagnificentMedia says:

Holy shit it’s Rick Ross. Funny how Rick Ross is a retired cop too lol!

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