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#14 MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self Defense Techniques: arm lock takedowns & knives

Episode #14 of MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense explores two related techniques popular among self defense instructors: using a shoulder lock as a takedown to stop a punch or a knife attack. But how do these techniques work out when the training partner doesn’t cooperate? This time we do a blind study. New student Ali plays the role of the attacker without having seen the self defense technique the rest of us try to use against him. Ali is even nice enough to throw his punch in super slow motion to give us a fighting chance. In the second half of the video, we evaluate another self defense technique that claims a similar set up can easily defend against a knife wielding assailant. When there are rubber knives to be tested in combat, you know that Jourdan Chow isn’t far behind.


Rayzzi Prod says:

Hey Ramsey, what do you think of Yoseikan Budo

Rio B. says:

"Just block their forearms…" nothing good ever came out of this fucking line

digital subliminal messages says:

S T O P R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
See if they ask i dont mind /but their employees left for the day //

Balthasar Cerodos says:

it's fo da streetz

Bobby Sweeney says:

Shoot them. It works every time


A man from one of our Karate dojos was attacked a few years ago on a bus by a 'maniac' with a knife – i.e. a guy who had no real reason to attack him. Because there wasn't a chance to escape, he was forced into conflict with this man – what he ended up doing was repeatedly kicking him at a reasonable distance, leading to his leg being severely stabbed, but the attacker being relatively subdued. What would your opinions be on using this as a response to a knife attack, and do you think that it was pure luck that it worked out well?

Darran Chan says:

In UK, knife crime is increasing in recent times with influences such as gangs offering money for troubled youths to stab people. And of course the surprise knife attack will mostly be the case. But should you be fortunate to be in an encounter where youre faced with the knife then hopefully survival is higher. What you suggested and demonstrated is actually really useful and i hope i'm correct in narrowing it down into these points:

1. You're most likely going to leave the encounter with injuries
2. Positioning yourself away from the knife (backing away, getting behind the attacker, etc)
3. Sacrifice your arms to protect the vitals

Another great video with good insight. Thanks man xD

Suraj Shaw says:

I use the same rash guard as Ali…

Amused Poet says:

Arghhhh … all those grab fists and break elbow are not for punches. They are for grabs and holds. It only works for grabs and holds. In a woman self-defense situration, it is more likely someone is trying to get hold of you and not necessareily punch you. To the knife … I think it is time for body armor. Yeah, body armor and train my friends too. However some reasonable suggestion you didn't offer (for those that train) was the instruction to go to the outside of the arm holding the knife. (or I missed it) We are talking about a situation where running is not an option. Get yourself where the assailant will have to readjust his position to strike effectively but where you can still strike effectively. A trained sidekick to the ribs will give you space and time where you then may be able to run. Most of the time your legs will be longer than his arms even if he does readjust quickly. Also if the knife drops, you do not bend over and pick it up, you step on it, or kick far out of the way.

Ade Abasanji says:

Mr Dewey. I'm glad your are doing these video series and exposing these bullshit videos. Thank you sir. Sincerely. Ade.

This is BAXTER says:

You may have to do karate blocks

heval roj says:

The wrist may not possess vital organs, but it does possess some pretty vital vessels. Also, if someone is trying to stab you and you keep blocking in a way that presents your hands and wrists, everyone knows what a radial artery is, they're probably just gonna start slicing your hands and wrists up. Not saying it wouldn't work for a little bit, but you should really focus on running away or switching techniques or finding an improvised weapon QUICK if you're gonna use that one.

Also 0/10 Coach Ramsey did not restomp the groin.

Deductive Variance says:

Good work on exposing bs do-it-yourself-defense vids. Thank you for all your great work guys.
I've got a question: as knife fighting is short range, while it still gives a small range advantage to the knife wielder, could a surprise leg sweep/trip (with a range advantage of a leg over an arm+knife) done by the defender to cause a momentary distraction, which could make a running escape a possibility, be a feasible and safe strategy/technique?

This is BAXTER says:

I didn't even see the knife lmaoo

Jon Cop says:

I've been going to an MMA/FMA school recently. When they are teaching weapons fighting they teach keeping your distance and moving around over just charging in.

Derek Shelton says:

Fight Science!

Sensei Honcho says:

Hey Ramsay what about using a very basic distance kick to keep away in a knife fight, like a teep kick? What would be the dangers in that? Is it deadly to have the legs cut up unlike the wrists?

Rinor Zmajlaj says:

Hey Ramsey I have a Question.
What do you think about Luta Livre and Bujutsu?

SonnyLost says:

And for the record, if you're cornered and you can't move and you are surely getting stabbed because you're not just being mugged, the attacker wants you to die, you just fight tooth and nail. Create space, try to circle, punch, kick, elbows and run. RUN. Psycho Killer! Qu'est ce que c'est? Fafafafafafafafafafafafafafafa far better run run run run run away!!!!!

SonnyLost says:

Try to use lipstick on your dummy knives when you try these self defense movements. The lipstick stains will show exactly the length and strength of the wounds you would bear in case your defense failed. It is graphic as fuck.

Dupras Films says:

quick question, why don't you mix in kicks at a knife attacker (fast push kicks or side kicks) while moving and keeping distance?

TITANia says:

Damn, how'd you get them knife skills?

MrTheMrLol says:

What about kicks? If id get in a situation where i couldnt run away (luckily im very good at running) i would throw front kicks until i could run away.
Do you think that would work (assuming the one who is attack trained kickboxing or something simular)?

also what about something with a little more reach like a baseball bat or a stick?

Billy OldMan says:

Why would anybody extend their knife arm just so you can grab it? Use your other hand to hold them down or knock them over. You can also pull on the clothes to expose their ribs. Or grab the hair, or whatever.

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