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Jared Stieg says:

It looked like he was an officer, take a closer look.

Jay Hime says:

Laws to conceal carry are infringing on my God given ability to defend myself. Yeah I can fight and have trained proficiently since I was little. I don't like paper trails knowing what I have. Enough said

Charles Town says:

I don't live in a place where I need that. Maybe you should move.

Desert Wolf says:

One of them uses a knife, you use a gun. They put one of us in the hospital, we put one of them in the morgue. That’s the patriots way. Yea I stole that from a movie.😉

Richard DeVaughn says:

The racists are the left. They keep on pushing we the people up against a wall if they continue they won't enjoy the consequences. We have been very tolerant to these clowns. They need to know don't consider our kindness for weakness. When the genie is released from the bottle there's no stopping it. Great video JB. God bless.

Kenetic12 says:

Your best video yet brother

TradeFeedz says:

holy shit! how you carry that thing??

Jim Girard says:

I don't think we can overlay this incident with all locales…..I'm not surprised that this happened in Chicago, but smaller towns and less populated areas may see just the opposite. But, thanks for posting as this is a vital lesson for many to learn…

Joey Boedeker says:

Chiraq. 2 legged animals everywhere.

jj shoot says:

if I am seeing correctly ,,the punk fires a shot first after he picks up a gun off the ground ???

Freedom Of Speech says:

Is that all you got man? Where's your grenades and rocket launchers?

dan lee says:

and no where to be found on the news

Ang Li says:

Guns don’t kill people people kill people!

Buff Honkler says:

He should have had it drawn before they were on him. If they had blades he was dead. He pulled mace and they attacked.

Lena Romero says:

Avoid contact, pivot, and block, find the weakest link if trapped and run.

arnie kurtz says:

Those bums will end up either in prison or dead.

Kevin Anderson says:

Hey JB: we're witnessing what was written in the book Rules for Radicals , Saul Alinsky. he wrote that book in 1972.

Man Dingo says:

Nice Glock!

Buff Honkler says:

Kentucky gets constitutional carry June 3.

Nicholas Napier says:

You know the firearms training comes with you getting to know your firearm not because you know a cop not because you know somebody in the military these are two different types of thought training here cuz neither one of them offer surprise training that's where they mess up there's a difference in that because they figure that they had the law on their side to defend them but one Law & Order breaks down there's not anyone going to be there to help ever so we're not like Bears when we have claws and teeth so when you bring out the equalizer to deal with a problem like this gentleman did the people didn't like that so they freaked out more that he had a firearm to deal with his problems because it was a easier way to defend yourself and nobody likes to see anybody be able to defend themselves most times they like to see you be put down… it's like when you go down the highway and you see a car and accident people are always looking to see who's dead same philosophy.. no one stops to help but they want to see who is dead…. you have to train yourself and differences in scenarios for the be home invasion what you will do to deal with that scenario.. first you have to have a rural setting which is better.. teaches your mind to be able to sense since the feeling of the firearm going off that's the first thing it does then it gives you the feeling of being able to deal with how the firearm functions and then distance is it can shoot you get the feel for that firearm and with the different kinds of ammo that you will be using…. don't always think the training from someone else is going to get you there just like anything using tools read the directions and it's plenty of literature out there and there's plenty of ways to get out there and get real life training I got most of mine from my parents as I grew up. looking back on it I was 10 years old when I first started having something to do with firearms so growing up with them make a difference so you if you want to bypass that it's in basic instruction from someone who already has one… remember the tool is only good as you know how to use it just like using a farming tool that's how everyone starts out learning how to use an Implement of something… purpose delivery and results….

Big Hern says:

Your in San Diego, you'll be over run quick if shtf.

Mike says:

Looks like A real hate crime, & not a Jesse Smollett fake hate crime.
Always in Chicago, no coincidence.
We moved to the rural country, have no butthurt libtards near us
Move out of the cities, you will be so glad!

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