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Self defense. Sentinel Series part 4

self defense


Lynn Hunley says:

I'm still looking up sagelatistic environment!!!!!

Zachary Schinbeckler says:

Pat my wife says she has me to do everything. How can I get her motivated to wanna learn what you just showed me?

Caden plays says:

Read the sentinel, and make it habitual! Rock and roll 🎸🇺🇸🎸🇺🇸

Cancel that bacta, Commando says:

I put that transverse part into my routine, that was one big missing part, totally rocks!

EABA EndAllBeAll says:

Your a nut pat. I love you man

RK Harm24 says:

Great compilation of previous IG Sunday posts. Make it Habitual Pat Mac

J says:

As the agent I charge of your own executive detail, make sure your vehicle jack actually works before you need it.

Tracy Robertson says:

Heavy metal, sreaded into your late 40s early 50s, 1911s (Gods gun), GM cars, beautiful wife, American masculinity is alive and well. You're a national treasure. May we long continue to produce men of this caliber as a country. There is hope the participation trophy crowd is pummeled back to the corner of misery they deserve to occupy!

Warrior Mindset says:

I always pay attention to where I am and how to handle a situation no matter what I'm around

Roger Vasquez says:

Rock & Roll! Let's get sum!

Ed Martin says:

Ass kicking…buttercup

MIKE U.S.N. says:

My new dad. Fuck that other guy.


Water off of a duck’s ass.. From both your rifle and pistol DVDs, whoever reads this comment and doesn’t own a copy of each should go get it quickly.

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