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Self Defense Secrets: Attack from Behind | How to Sneak Someone | Short Choke Details

We were discussing free shots and most of the martial artists and combat athletes I know actually don’t have something ready to go for this scenario. Truthfully, it’s not one that comes up very often if we are strictly talking about legal self defense or defense of others, but there are some scenarios where someone would be legally and morally justified in attacking someone from behind. Once again, the laws where you live and the circumstances surrounding the incident matter very much so make sure you’ve considered your actions carefully. Use code ICYMIKE20 and get 20% off all Revgear products: Get hard2hurt merch here! Please consider supporting hard2hurt and get exclusive content available only on Patreon. Follow Mike: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: My Kit: Icy Mike and Passive Jay Podcast: DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on them, hard2hurt receives a small commission. This helps supports the hard2hurt channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thanks for supporting us and stay hard2hurt. Music: Lying Low by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


hard2hurt says:

Question for Viewers: Can you think of any other scenarios besides defense of others where attacking someone from behind is viable?

Matt Schwensen says:

It took me while to click on this one. I saw attack from behind and I thought wtf are you try to help the predators of the world? But it all made sense straight away.
Good work 👍

Cry Havoc says:

If you have the chance to land one punch from behind, may I suggest a kidney punch?

Aymen says:

We do a different technique in Krav-Maga ( i know i know just keep an open mind looool ) which I think it's easier & can work with a tall /short/strong opponent , it goes like this you cover his face with both of your hands and pull his head to the ground while simultaneously pushing the inside part of his knee ( to work like a crank system ). what do you think ?!

Your mom calls me daddy says:

2:35 I'm dead :))

Solid Structure says:

How to commit genocide for self defense next

Paper_Sword says:

Confession Time: I am a former TacticalTed

RAWSNL says:

05:24l Hadaka jime from (traditional) jiujitsu. Feels horrible on the throat.

Young Yahweh says:

I'd go for an Ankle Pick into a Leg Lock.

Ace Ironwood says:

If you’re sneaking around someone hellbent to find you and hurt you. By all means, attack. What will he do about it when he wakes up later? Call the cops on you? Ha! Right! Fat chance of that happening!

Peter Russell says:

Great vid again Mike – I think a lot of people have been in this situation (where someone else is being attacked) and had no idea what to do to help ….

Whitey Mcwhiterton says:

A running kick to the taint and then scream world star!

Alexander Kostrzewa says:

Mike – any thoughts on the hip toss from that choke position?

SwordTune says:

Wrestling over Jiujistsu in this case. Wrestlers know all the ways to take someone down.

Ed Pho says:

Flying side kick or nothing!!

FLBoyCanScrap says:

The endings are always so good.

FLBoyCanScrap says:

If an attacker hits you and runs away, can you chase and hit from behind.

brandon smith says:

how about the 2 fingers up the anus?

MGTOW Properties says:

Attacking someone from behind they seem to do a lot of that in San Francisco lol

Jerry Lopez says:

I love your martial art style! It’s so effective and realistic! It’s very sneaky and sleek. I love how it builds up. Maybe include some pins but it looks fine. Keep it up.

Erick Novlesky says:

Whatabout hugging the waist and falling backwards (foot behind his to trip)?

Jonathan Nye says:

WorldStar!!!!!! Lol

Chef says:

I have to disagree with the statement that the back of the head is not that sensitive, it is. I've been punched there with medium force and it felt like passing out…

MALKton says:


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