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Self Defense Scam Artist Fail


Lizzyloo Reynolds says:

I really like this music. What is it?

M Fitshace says:

Hmmm, I don’t think the skeptics loved him enough? Does that mean the
person you’re defending yourself from has to love you? Jeeze, movie and
music stars should be taught this self defense. Then they could easily
avoid all their insane fans who love them. So I guess it is useful!

Skeptical Defense says:

This is an extreme example of a self defense scam, but there are many more
subtle instances. We have tested numerous devices and techniques, and we
find that they are almost all useless.

An Ta says:

None of y’all know what y’all are talking about. The instructor is awesome
makes a believer out of everyone. I submitted a petition to have him become
heavy weight champion of the world in boxing and Ufc. We gone make a lot of
money. Watch and see and believe.

Chiinnature says:

LOL! I wonder how this guy can make a living like that man. Self defense
using ET’s power? Fuck the wall.

Tim Schmitt says:

Love this kind of shit lol

penus jacker says:

that is the shittiest acting I have ever seen in those first videos lol

Piranha Gear says:

So does the “master” believe this works or is he a total scamster?

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