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Self defense or murder?

Self defense or murder? KILLEEN, Texas – Video has been released by a witness to the fatal shooting of Curtis Shelley on Nov. 12, 2017 in Killeen. The footage shows a verbal argument between Shelley and another man who appeared to have been driving a pickup truck prior to the confrontation. The second man is a relative of a Killeen Police Department employee, according to multiple interview accounts, an image match and public comments by law enforcement.


C White says:

I don't think he can claim self defense on that one. He didn't charge him or pull out a weapon. Why didn't he just call the cops and wait for them? Second degree murder.

M. Riggs says:

Murder. He was unarmed

Christopher says:

He was stopped in his tracks and not advancing when he was shot. Murder.


? cade o cara caido?

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