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Self Defense Law Explained by a Cop (2018)(Prepper Self Defense)

This video makes understanding self defense law much easier. These tips will help you keep yourself out of jail should you be forced to protect yourself. ( Prepper Self Defense ) USCCA (the US Concealed Carry Association: insurance for the self-defender) If you’re a self-defender, whether you have to hit shoot someone or use a knife or pepper spray to protect yourself: belonging to a Legal Defense Fund like the USCCA is a must. Should you have to protect yourself: the USCCA can pay your bond, provide you with an experienced attorney to fight for you in both criminal and civil court, and also pay for the attorney. Click here to join the USCCA to have an attorney to help keep you out of jail should you have to defend yourself: Please consider supporting this channel on my Patreon video channel. All money made is reinvested back into the channel. I enjoy making these videos but do not want to actually ‘put myself into debt’ in order to make them. By becoming a Patron at only $1 a month, you’ll help me save up to purchase a better video camera and better editing software. For the $1 per month, you’ll get access to my videos before they get released to everyone else and also other upcoming exclusive rewards: Visit my website: Subscribe to this channel: This channel is about prepping, self-defense, and how to stay out of jail should you have to defend yourself. I am a police officer for a small police department; and a staunch supporter of the rights of the people and the US Constitution. I am also a police academy certified instructor in many topics; but I specialize in firearms and Use of Force law. Any videos or photos used in this video are not being used to glorify violence; but are being shared for educational, research, and/or reporting reasons. Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. *Special Note: I am an affiliate of USCCA.


Frank Stryker says:

I had some concerns at the beginning of the video, I am well acquainted with the rules of "Deadly Force" and the laws in the states I frequent, but I watched the entire video and you did an outstanding job explaining both the rules and requirements of defending one's self. Although things get a bit more complicated in a public setting when using a firearm. Great video as always!

Kevin Suggs says:

I have USCCA, worth every penny. A guy in my town Charleston had to shoot two armed robbers in a barber shop, USCCA was ready to defend him but he did not need it cuz what he did was lawful.

Mandalorian Patriot says:

this is why I love AZ and TX. just states that you need reasonable belief that you or your life is in danger. it can even include kidnapping and similar crimes.
Im still learning Texas law, but I remember in AZ, if it was an accident, as in someone scared you and you thought your life was in danger, but it turned out to be a prank gone wrong, you wouldnt be in danger of the law. I was expecting this with all those clown idiots on Halloween.

in either case, I think applying what I learned in security would apply here. explain in as much detail as possible what happened to the police and court, if it comes to it, and keep a copy of what you said. in a security company's case, this would have already happened, but Im pretty sure you can ask police for a copy of what you said as well. not sure, honestly.would it be public record at that point?
if not, then write it down in some kinda journal. we in security will often use this method for things we have trouble remembering. like in my case, time, dates names ect. let me know though if the police are allowed to give the defendant details please! one of the few questions that never came to mind when I was in college for this.

Thomas Whitten says:

Very good video! I've often wondered about self defense and how to prove it. Thanks!

reg profant says:

By the time you meet the criteria you go through, the majority of time you will already be dead. It's like waiting until being fired upon to shoot back.

2a Self Defense Law says:

Very good job you did a 12 minute video, That would take being 90 minutes in a classroom setting. People have always ask me if I have ever been in a use of force event to defend my life. I am very proud to say, no I have never have to use my Gun nor my fist to defuse a situation.

Hells Bells says:

Born and raised in California. I still reside here so I've seen this once beautiful state decay over the decades.

Here in California the bad guy must kill you before you have a right to defend yourself. The scum of the Earth have more rights here in Comifornia then the angels have.

TC'S Corner says:

Hey brother do you teach private classes for firearms or police only and second love your videos big time your one of the first I subscribed to when I started watching Utube and all your info is great stuff love how you simplify it but don't take it over board God bless be safe

Cleetus Smith says:

Thank you for the great video. You are creating quite the library of excellent work. Your suggestion about joining the Concealed Carry Association of America is an excellent idea. They, like the NRA, offer insurance should you be involved in an self defense event.
If I may offer a piece of sage advice that was given to me a while back….. Once you get the insurance they will send you contact information concerning the insurance program, who to call, and so forth. Please understand that should you be arrested, they will likely take your wallet so if you have your contact information in your wallet, you could be in a difficult situation. Instead, take the contact information and place it in an envelop where your wife or significant other will know its location. Also include detailed instructions since people tend to become somewhat panicky when something like this happens. Should you be arrested, you now only have to call home and tell your significant other you've been arrested for a self defense shooting, tell them to grab the envelop, and follow the enclosed instructions. This way you will have your significant other be able to contact the people and such to get your self defense insurance moving. This is also important should whoever is calling the self defense help get cut off, require a call back or whatever. If this happens to you in jail then you are out of luck, but should it happen to your significant other, then they can deal with the situation. I hope this helps.
Thanks again for the excellent video. I really look forward to them when they come out.

Uniroyal Mish says:

You look like Tac lol

bev lower says:

Question: when (if) does a verbal threat (legally) justify a physical response? scenario: 3 teen-aged boys threaten 120# young female (threat: boy puts his finger in girls face & says "bang"). 3rd time he does it, girl sends knuckle sandwich into boys face. justified? IMHO, yes. legal? 3 against 1 = ability. opportunity? would they attack there? unknown. intent, stated. If the boy had pressed charges, does a threat justify a physical response? I thought it a reasonable & natural consequence of their actions…what say you?

Cleetus Smith says:

Years ago I knew a fellow from Arkansas. When he was young he lived in a small town and one day the town bully raped another man's daughter. The girl's father tracked down the bully and shot him dead. The man was arrested and the prosecutor wanted the father to go to prison because the father stopped twice to reload when he was shooting the bully. The jury came back and not only gave a not guilty verdict, but, because the bully who died was so disliked, they recommended to the court that they dig up the bully's body and shoot him another six times.

Uniroyal Mish says:

Good call with Canada disabling self protection laws and with Justin Trudeau at the helm, he’ll probably cry on live tv if you killed the night burglar if he was packing a gun at tried to shoot you;or give the burglar $10 million dollars like that scum bag Omar Khadr and cry on live tv about it lol.

Anna Lea Brown says:

Poll taken. Thanks for the vid!

Jacob Murray says:

I like how you said most of the States. Cus in California you either be a victim or be a criminal. there is no such thing as self defense.

Elljay Moon says:

Hollow points have less reckless penetration but when ever i cock a round it feels like it catches a bit on the feed ramp of my MnP9

lambchopxoxo says:

If you want to shoot someone dead because they broke in your car you probably shouldn't have a gun in the first place.

Mr D says:

If self defence was justified how could there be in any way a civil case after? Or could you sue them for not bringing their son up right / being the wrong social backround?
Here the last rule of "Balls of steel european rodeo" applies

ben hill says:

Great video brother. I have had to use a weapon in self defense before from someone who attempted to break into my house I actually opened the door and pointed my shotgun at him told him to leave he backed away but then reached for a gun he had tucked in his waistband at that time I shot him in the knee and detained him when law enforcement and EMS arrived they didn't search him before EMS started working on him luckily I told them immediately about the gun and they retrieved it. I look back now and believe I should have secured his weapon but at the time I didn't want my prints on it. Since then I have had to draw my weapon in self defense in the line of duty several times but have been lucky not to have to use it. NC is where I live and so far we are privileged enough to have stand your ground law in place and also if someone is trying to break into your home and you fear for your life you are legally allowed to shoot through the door or window to stop the threat. I am also glad you mentioned the USCCA I am a long time member with them and I would say Tim the owner and everyone I have gotten to know over the years are tremendous people and will stand up for you through thick and thin and Tim also introduced me to Tim Larkin with Target Focus Training, which is also a tremendous tool for everyone to have. Thanks again for your videos they are very helpful.

Gary Kings Blank says:

Very good video. In MA one definitely wants to take a 4 hour "The Law and Home Defense" every year, to know about changes in our silly state, but also it would help in court if needed.

John Doe says:

What do ya know just took my mandatory class on self defense laws in my state for my cwp yesterday.

clayton boyd says:

I am a amputee in a wheelchair one leg missing with the Court's show more leniency if I had to use deadly force in self-defense in my home or possibly on the street with pepper spray I live in California unfortunately.?

Robin InVA says:

Good, good, good training….especially for somebody like me who is older, not up-to-snuff physically fit….and fearful of repercussions. Really helpful!! Thank you!

Prepared 2 Thrive says:

Good stuff brother. 👍🏻🇺🇸

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