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Michael Tara says:

So,when will the porn start?

Haron Pink says:

WOw.. She so pretty

The God for bid says:

Why do YouTube people ask for thumbs up to like n comment before you watch it? I taught that once a week when I was 15, empty hand and improvised weapons. & I think I was overwhelmed every time bc when they smiled and were proud and felt the strength they possess, it was beautiful but when my coach told me the majority of them were already assault victims. It smashed me. It hurt my heart badly. I'm glad I watched this bc it made me reflect. Peace to all women and those who teach martial arts and inspire.

JO NAH says:

💜💜💜jake mace , 😘 ur great

tracie sheppard says:

This is excellent info. Do you have advice because woman and being attracted in groups pairs or mobs. Like in Europe. How does a woman defend themselves in that situation?

anup barla says:

nice for women….

Zlipster Royals says:

Wish girls arms didn't get that big! Her upper body is not proportional to her body but the guy everything is proportional good job dude!!

Nate Landherr says:

Unless you're trained, don't punch the face with a closed hand

Nate Landherr says:

Ohhh Jake this is a good video but this isn't a street fight

Nepthu says:

Jake, your pecs are popping out of that shirt. LOL!

john doe says:

Damn I gotta take some of these rape classes haha

TrueBag PipeRock says:

It's only because they are not men, but I was raised not to ever even watch women fight, but it's hard NOT to because many women have wonderful technique and form in the ring

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